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John Fox released from the hospital

Good news, Coach Fox is out of the hospital and in good spirits!

Some Clarification is in Order - 2012 Off-Season Stats: Challenges

Some Clarification is in Order - 2012 Off-Season Stats: Challenges. We take a look at the league as a whole to look for trends and to get a bigger view of how challenges affect the game and which coaches are the most reliable.

Andre Goodman ... Good Man!!!

If there was one player on the Denver Broncos who embodies everything Tim Tebow referred to when he talked about how it doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up, that would be none other than Andre Goodman.

Denver Broncos "A Joke" to Rest of League

A month ago, this team was 1-4 and what I would consider a laughingstock for the NFL. All I wanted was a win. I wanted one so bad I'd sell my soul for one. Instead, John Fox sold his soul to Tim Tebow and the result has been three victories in four games. No longer a laughingstock right? WRONG.

Diagnosing the Problem: Third Down and Out?

A quarterbacks job is to manage the game, get the offense into the right plays and to pick up third downs to keep drives alive. That is nearly straight from our own horse's mouth - John Elway.

Diagnosing the Problem: The Fans

The fundamental problem with the Denver Broncos franchise is its fans. Yes. We are destroying our team from the outside-in. The seeds were planted back in 2006 and we are now reaping the fruits of our labor.

Questions People Should Be Asking About Tim Tebow

Opinions are everywhere about Tim Tebow. Opinions. Everyone (myself included) has been telling others why they think Tim Tebow can or cannot be an NFL quarterback. The thing about opinions is that everyone has their own perspective, their own agenda, or their own narrow set of data to assemble to back up their own opinion/perspective.

Diving Into the Defense: Trending ... Upward?

Tim Lynch examines the Denver Broncos defense and its improvement across the board in 2011, compared to the debacle that was 2010.

Broncos Fans Get What They Want; Let The Growing Pains Begin!

You might disagree, but Tim Tebow isn't ready yet. He will have breath taking ups and frustrating downs - it will be exciting for sure. Why? Because Tebow is a "gamer". I like "gamers", but he isn't going to be an elite quarterback until he learns how to be consistent in his throws, his reads, and his footwork.

Broncos Run Roughshod ... Best Chance To ...

By letting Tebow run the offense, fans like me will have reason to watch again. We'll be excited and eager to see the Broncos play again. Win or lose we'll feel like this team is finally committed to the future. As it stands right now Elway, all you are doing is wasting our time.

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