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7up - Week 5 - Seven things to Ponder vs. The Patriots

It’s Week 5! Pondering time. Here are seven things to think about against the New England Patriots. If you don't know why there's seven, you're a rotten egg. Artwork provided by my...

A Bronco Worth Cheering For


Everybody sees Tim Tebow as the ultimate role model but just down the line of scrimmage is another Bronco who has overcome great adversity and gives Tebow a run for his money in the "all around good guy" competition

Patriots put an end to Broncos miracle season; still lots to be proud of


The game against the Patriots wasn't incredible but the 2011 season for the Denver Broncos sure was. Tom Brady and his All-Pro Tight Ends were too much for the young safeties of the Broncos especially with no pressure on the legendary QB. Mike McCoy, John Fox, and Tim Tebow had no answers for the inspired Patriots defense and the Broncos quickly found themselves down and out against a far superior team. Saying that, the Broncos exceeded everyones expectations this year and Broncos fans got to enjoy one of the most exciting seasons since John Elway's playing days. Join us as we spend time with fans, talk about the game, and reflect on this roller coaster season.


Why I Left (And Why I'm Back)

Hello, MHR! It's been a while since we last spoke... far too long, actually. Though you haven't heard from me in a while, I have been keeping an eye on you all this time. After all, this is the...


What's McDaniels' Take?

I'm finding it hard to believe that with the 24/7 Tebowmania media coverage, one aspiring journalist worth his salt hasn't stalked Josh McDaniels to get his take on Tebow's performances. If...

Diagnosing the Problem: The Fans


The fundamental problem with the Denver Broncos franchise is its fans. Yes. We are destroying our team from the outside-in. The seeds were planted back in 2006 and we are now reaping the fruits of...

Josh McDaniels Post Turtle


Rambling George Moore sums up the McDaniels era in Denver.

Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 1/21/11


Your Daily Cup of Orange and Blue Coffee....Horse Tracks


Why the Josh McDaniels Era Has Only Just Begun

Let me start off by telling you that McDaniels comes from the Parcells coaching tree, a coaching group marked by discipline and excellence. He comes from the Bellichick Branch, which is one of...


Darrell Bevell To Denver?

With Minnesota looking for a new OC, can Denver find a new regime in Offensive Coordinator of the Vikings, Darrell Bevell? Bevell has worked well with QBs, being an ex-longtime QB coach. Could...

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