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Broncos win AFC West despite losing. First playoffs since 2005

The Broncos played a dreadful game against KC only scoring 3 points in the loss to the Chiefs but Philip Rivers and the Chargers beat the Oakland Raiders which makes the 8 and 8 Broncos AFC West Champions. Teams continue to make adjustments to handle Tim Tebow and the Broncos offense yet Mike McCoy and John Fox remain determined to do exactly the same thing week after week. John Elway said the Chief game was going to be treated as a playoff game. If that is the offensive game plan for the playoffs the Broncos are in deep mud.

Tim Tebow song "Tebow Fans Believe"

The NFL has never seen such passionate and faithful fans like the ones currently supporting Tim Tebow. Despite what experts and analysts say about the Denver Broncos quarterback, Tebow fans just believe. A song parody to "I Believe" from the Broadway hit musical created by South park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Broncos vs Chiefs: Why we hate Todd Haley and Love Tim Tebow

Playing in Arrowhead stadium has never been easy for the Broncos. Check out the keys to the game, why we hate Todd Haley, and enjoy a Tim Tebow music tribute!

Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders (Part Deux)

It's Raider week for the second time this season. We look at the difference between "Tebowing", "T-Bow-ing", and "T-Doh-ing". The Broncos 3 keys to the game and Tim Tebow in a Stephen King movie.

Getting to know JD Walton

This is the 2nd part of a two part interview with the JD Walton. JD talks about growing up in Texas, high school football, his favorite movies, what kind of music he likes, and what he does in his spare time. Spend a couple minutes getting to know JD!

Tim Tebow vs Kyle Orton; The Perfect Analogy

Old School Denver Broncos fan Ramblin' George Moore tells it like it is. His analogy is on the money and sums it up perfectly! Great stuff George!

Broncos vs Chargers Time to Unleash the Tebow

After four and half weeks Broncos coach John Fox was forced to throw in the towel on starter Kyle Orton. Come join Shadd and Danny as they break down a very exciting game and what led to the benching of Kyle Orton. Also see the fan that predicted Orton would be benched by halftime and who Bronco Planet thinks deserves a gameball. Check out the fastest growing Bronco Show on the Internet.

Spend 5 minutes with JD Walton

In his 2nd year as a Denver Bronco, JD Walton reflects back on his first year in the NFL. He also talks about camp and the difference between college and the pros. Volume 1 of a 2 part series by Bronco Planet.

Broncos vs Packers recap show

A post game look at the Broncos-Packers game. We break down the good, the bad, and the ugly. And after 4 weeks of football, time has come to play the blame game.

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