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MHR's Forgotten Broncos -- Haven Moses


I brief bio into Denver Broncos legend Haven Moses.

MHR's Forgotten Broncos -- Charley Johnson


A brief bio on former Denver Broncos QB Charley Johnson.

MHR's Forgotten Broncos -- Paul Smith


A bio on former Denver Bronco, Paul Smith, who played for the team from 1968 to 1978 as a NT/DE.

The Marlin Briscoe Movie


There is a new movie in production about the life and accomplishments of Marlin Briscoe, the first African-American quarterback to start in the modern era. I wrote about him recently here, but since I just heard about this movie I decided to post this little FanShot to give everyone the update!! I think this might be a movie worth watching even if it doesn't cover the Broncos much.

MHR's Forgotten Broncos -- Austin "Goose" Gonsoulin


The Goose was and still is the greatest defensive back to ever play for the Denver Broncos.  Champ Bailey may one day break Austin Gonsoulin's many Bronco records, but until that happens he will...

MHR's Forgotten Broncos -- Frank "The Trip" Tripucka


Would you think a guy who never threw more touchdowns than interceptions in his career would ever get his number retired?  I would have said, "Hell no", before I learned that Mr. Francis M.J....

MHR's Forgotten Broncos -- Rich "Tombstone" Jackson


When Bronco fans today are asked who the most famous Bronco ever to don the #87 jersey, most would blurt out "Eddie Mac!" before giving anything more than half a thought.  The fact is, the most...

MHR's Forgotten Broncos -- Marlin Briscoe


There has been much discussion in recent years about the ability of an African American to quarterback in the NFL.  Prior to the new millennium, the Warren Moon’s and Randall Cunningham’s of...

MHR's Forgotten Broncos -- Floyd Little


Welcome to the newest segement of Broncos History.  A special thank you to TrinidadJack for coming up with the name of Forgotten Broncos.  I decided the best way to kick off a topic like this...

MHR's Forgotten Broncos -- Lionel Taylor


  Not all Bronco's are completely forgotten, but there are times when  the younger generation of fans need to remember the greats of the Bronco past.  When the Denver Broncos formed in 1960...

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