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76 days: John Ralston ousted by players

Many 1976 Bronco players went to owner Gerald Phipps with a vote of no confidence on Head Coach John Ralston. The move caused the resignation of Ralston despite posting a winning record in 3 out of...

MHR Mailbag: Community Edition #1

MHR community members "the_prodigal_fan" "cheyene kid" and "the New Bradfather" give you their take on a variety of Broncos related topics.

Top Denver Broncos plays of 2012: Texan Two-step


This edition of "Out to Stud" features fantastic feats from ferocious Elvis Dumervil and felonious Wesley Woodyard. Why "felonious?" Because it was a crime what he did to Matt Schaub's lame duck...

2013 Denver Broncos Prospect Meetings


A list of the prospect who the Broncos have met with throughout the draft process. Will any of these guys be a Denver Bronco by next weekend?

Denver Broncos Contracts: Defense 2013-2015

The Broncos will face a lot of players becoming UFA between now and 2015. Find out who and when....HERE!

What if? John Elway to the Raiders

John Elway was very close to being traded to the Raiders in 1983. How close? Come take a look!

2013 Broncos Offense: Projections and Depth Chart


After evaluating each position group on the offensive line, I am projecting which positions should be drafted in 2013 and where they should be drafted. From there I put together the first offensive...

Denver Broncos 2013 Draft: Receivers and TE's

We evaluate the Broncos 2013 roster heading into the 2013 NFL Draft. The goal is to identify which position groups should or should not receive attention via the draft. Last up are the receivers...

MHR Mailbag 4/5

Welcome to our weekly installment of "Mailbag" You have the questions, we have the answers (mostly)! Each week both Tim Lynch and Bronco Mike will be answering your questions (by the way if you...

Only 1 slot left! Unofficial MHR PPR League


Just ONE slot left available in our "unofficial" MHR PPR fantasy football league. It is a 12-team league and we have 11 teams signed up and ready to go for our online live draft, tomorrow (Sunday august 26) at 6:30PM ET. Rosters are QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR/TE flex, TE, K, Def. Bench (6 slots) Join in and have some fun with the first ever unofficial MHR PPR fantasy football league! League ID: 643087 Password: cutthatmeat League URL Live Online Draft: Sunday August 26 at 6:30 pm ET 12 Teams Max

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