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West Virginia Mountaineer measurements at the NFL Combine


Caleb has put together the initial measurables from the Mountaineers at the Combine

A Beginners Guide To The NFL Scouting Combine [Watch it Live Online]


Though its main purpose is to wow NFL coaches, General Managers, and scouts for the sake of getting selected in the NFL Draft, it, too, can be entertaining if you know what this event consists of. In what promises to be an eventful and awe-inspiring event in Indianapolis, Indiana (Feb. 24 - March 1, 2011), I’d like to walk you through the NFL Scouting Combine.

Ben Ijalana Will NOT Participate in NFL Combine


Kudos to Fact for pulling this info quickly - Ben Ijalana is still recovering from a Sports Hernia injury and will not be participating in drills at the NFL Combine.

Boycotting the NFL Combine?


It doesn't seem likely but sources say that it's definitely on the table. From the article: "I’m all for getting those contracts for the top six to 10 players under control; we all see that it’s a problem," one prominent agent said. "But what the league is talking about, it’s criminal. Five years and a flat amount? For a lot of guys that’s their whole career. We all get it, [disappointing] guys like JaMarcus Russell(notes), Aaron Maybin(notes) or even Matt Stafford getting hurt, there’s a lot of risk for the clubs.

Whitlock Only Red Raider in the Combine


This is a joke that potts, batch, or leong weren't invited...anyway GIVE'EM HELL COLBY

Joe Lefeged at the Senior Bowl


Linked above is a story from last week about Joe's training regiment. Most reviews haven't been kind to Joe Lefeged at the Senior Bowl practices, although there isn't much out there. I have heard that he looked to be in very good shape though (5'11, 208 according to official measurements), so there's always the chance make up ground at (presumably) the Combine and at Pro Day and team workouts. Lefeged looked good as a returner in practices but didn't take very good angles supposedly. One report had him talking with the Vikings and Raiders in Mobile.

Peter Bean Covers the NFL Combine


I don't like the NFL combine. Two words: Jeff George. I believe Tim Tebow to be an upstanding young man, but the constant coverage of his every move and the incessant adulation make me want to puke. I see the benefits of Twitter, but the danger of immediacy is being able to disseminate an error with dangerous swiftness. Glibness and quickness can add up to volatility, even in the absence of the internet's liberating anonymity. Peter Bean learned an inadvertent yet valuable lesson in what happens when the combine, Tebowmania, and Twitter intersect. The short version is that the combination of three bad (or at least dubious) things adds up to an even worse thing. Go 'Dawgs!

We care about South Carolina players at the NFL combine.


The link is to an ESPN video report from the combine. In it, they explain that Jared Cook (sp?) from South Carolina had the best physical metrics of any tight end (running, vertical jump, etc.). The significance there is that he's a product of our new S&C coach. If the SoCar players make a great showing in the metrics, that only bodes well for us!

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