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2014 Texans Draft Needs

Let's face it, this year was easily the hardest to watch. Whether it would be the poor play of Schaub, the up and down play of Keenum, or the play calling of Kubiak. I think everyone would like to...

Strictly My Opinion: The Draft, Media, and Value


What is accurate and what is misrepresented in the media's coverage leading up to and following the NFL Draft?

TT 3/6: In Which the Cat Catches the Dwag

Today's tidbits cover injuries, media money for a dying brand, and radical shifts in the media mindset.

Cleveland Browns Free Agency Talk 2013 - QBs


With the NFL free agency period is just about a month away, it's time to start considering the possibilities. We're going to start things of once again this year with the 2013 free agent class of...

Is Alex Tanney Special?


With the soon approaching 'official off season', teams are going to start making roster moves. It's going to be real interesting to see what the Kansas City Chiefs do in the coming months. Seems like the only position most Chiefs fans are concerned about is QB. And rightly so. Both Quinn and Cassel started 8 games a piece last season and they combined for 8 TDs and 20 INTs. The end result is probably the worst in franchise history for the Kansas City Chiefs. A lowly record of 2 wins and 14 losses. The only team to go longer in a season without a lead? The 1929 Buffalo Bisons. The 2012 Chiefs almost made history, in the worst of ways. TomahawkChop

It puts the lotion on the skin.


It puts the lotion on the skin.

OSS: Cutler Haters Gonna Hate (Animated)


One 'Shop Stop: Cutler Haters Gonna Hate (Animated)

QB Danny Obrien chooses the Badgers


Looks like another transfer QB taking over at Wisconsin this year. Only this time he has two years to play. I live in Maryland and I've watched him play a lot of games. He is a solid passer but does throw into coverage a lot.

Tannehill would like to play for the Dolphins and Sherman


Sounds good to me. Sounds like Sherman would like Tannehill to play for the Dolphins too. Especially since we don't have a QB coach on the team and Sherman will be the QB coach. I'll be very happy with this just as long as we take Manning in FA. Manning wouldn't need a QB coach anyways so that'd be perfect. Manning would be set while Sherman grooms Tannehill for the future. This would make it likely that Sherman would stick around with the team in an OC capacity rather than try to get an HC job with another team in the future.

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