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Random Thoughts, Vol. I: Offense


Cougcenter breaks down the WSU Cougar basketball offense. This and more in volume one of random thoughts.

Seven Principles of an Effective Scouting Director


Since today is the first time in awhile where I haven’t had to write a draft preview or game report, I want to take this opportunity to write on something I’ve been thinking about for awhile, but...

A Word to the Wise on Deadline Day


Don't pay attention to articles saying that a draftee and a team "are unlikely to agree" before the deadline. Outside writers simply don't know at this point, and the updates they're getting are...

Just In Case You Didn't Know...


I gave a few live updates last night on my twitter account of the Braves-Mets game at Turner Field. The starters were Javier Vazquez and Fernando Nieve, and it was a treat to see Vazquez in action....

I Had A Long Entry...


And Wordpress screwed it up. Didn't automatically save the draft like it was supposed to and then navigated away from the page. When you try to come back to the page, it has a blank screen. I don't...

Thoughts on Pitcher Abuse in College


I've been inspired to write down some thoughts on pitcher abuse in college programs after a response to a comment I made on Minor League Ball about the fact that Kyle Gibson was abused at Mizzou....

Remember the time Dominic James thought it was a good idea to declare for the draft?


Well, flash-forward two years and he's a second-round pick, at best. So not only has he experienced the Tyler Hansbrough effect, but his numbers have slowly declined over his four seasons. Now...

A Few Broncos Thoughts Meant To Be Said, Not Read


Random thoughts on Jay Cutler, Peyton Manning, the Super Bowl and Kurt Warner's HOF prospects.

Shallow Thoughts & Nearsighted Observations


Denver Broncos discussion and analysis from MileHighReport.com staff writer and analyst Ted Bartlett.

Random playoff thoughts now that Rockets are out


That Chris Paul guy is really, really good. Imagine how good he'll be when he's 1/2 as good as Rafer Alston!Deron Williams is really good, too, but he's no CP3 just yet. Sorry, Utah.Players who are...

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