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Ryan Clady on 1st take

This was interesting listening to Clady talk about Tebow and how more credit should have been given to the D, and and the same time the written article talks about Champ saying Tebow will be a starter, but he needs to improve (champ also says he will). It seems the sentiment in the locker room is they like Tebow but they think he needed to improve and when you get a once in a lifetime change to get Peyton Manning you have to take a shot.

Woody Paige: Tim Tebow is John Elway's long-awaited successor

Only one quarterback, John Elway, has been a starter in the franchise's half-century-plus history for more than six seasons.Tebow will become the second. As during the Elway Era, the scrutiny of, and spotlight on, Tebow will persist, but he's here to stay. The search by Elway for a long-term successor to Elway is over.

Tebow Tebow Tebow Tebow

Tebow Tebow Tebow, Tebow. Tebow. Tebowing. Tebow time, Tebow Tebow Tebow.

Karma and what it has to do with this weeks game

Here we are the final week of the season. We take a look at "Karma" and how it applies to this weeks game. Tebow vs Orton or Broncos vs Chiefs. Questions answered with some pain killers and Michelob Ultra.

Fantastic article on Tebow: "Hollas and Tebow"

Great blog by the great Joe P. Fun read!

Tom Brady too much for Tim Tebow's Broncos

Broncos dominate the 1st quarter and then have a turnover parade against the New England Patriots. Tom Brady took full advantage of the Broncos mistakes and torched the young defensive backs for 300 yards and 2 TDs. Tim Tebow played well but too many penalties and fumbles on three straight drives left the Broncos beyond the point of return, even for Tebow. Good news, Raiders lose so Broncos still control their own destiny!

Tebow Stole a Manuscript from Conditioning Coach

Extremely good article on Yahoo - not that yahoo has extremely good articles, but for once they did!

Broncos tame Bears; Tebow and Prater come up big!

The most amazing winning streak in Broncos history continues in unbelievable fashion. Tim Tebow, strong defense, and Matt Prater's leg carry the Broncos to their 6th straight victory. Tebow now 7-1 as a starter!

Broncos will need to pass their way by Chicago

Chicago is ranked 7th in the NFL in rushing defense and has the 28th ranked passing defense. The Broncos will likely have to rely on Tebow throwing his way to victory like he did against Minnesota so we need a big game by Bay Bay and Eric Decker.

Tim Tebow Angel Among Us

Tim Tebow continues to be the most talked about story in the NFL. Not only is he 6-1 but he has captured the world's attention on his character, beliefs, and ability to beat the odds week after week as he leads the Broncos towards the AFC West title. Seemed appropriate this time of year to share this video. Tebow truly is an Angel Among Us

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