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King of the Idiots


Link: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=9716585

(WARNING: First fanshot for me, I apologize if it is incorrectly posted) Skip Bayless hates the Colts. He hates us with a passion. Why might you ask? For several reasons: A. We gave Peyton the boot out of Indy, Peyton then gave Tebow the boot out of Denver, Bayless has a massive crush on Tebow. B. We replaced a future HOF QB with another. C. He is a massive RG3 fan. The man slurps RG3ade through a straw, and hates any QB better than RG3 (Luck being one of them). If you wish to watch what this clown has to say on national television, I have provided you with a link.



Vladimir Putin brazenly stole Bob Kraft's Super Bowl Ring in 2005. Recently, the two opened negotiations to have the ring returned. Kraft negotiated in good faith. Putin negotiated with a bottle of...

MHR Mailbag: Kaptain Kirk dishes on TC

Tebow, Vontee Leach, ZBS, Training Camp, and surprise cuts are all the craze in this week's edition of mailbag. Come join as Big Pete, Scotty Payne, Bronco Mike, and Kaptain Kirk answer questions!

The Tebow Petition: We The People Want Him In JAX


President Obama promised us change we could believe in. Houston Texans fans should all hope that includes changing his mind on the decision to kill the Tebow petition on the White House website. We...

Do we need an experienced backup QB?


If so, is there any chance we would trade a 7th round pick for Tebow? Seeing how the comrade is such a stickler for high character players, I thought he might be willing to trade a 7th rounder for him. There's little chance he cold cause a QB controversy and he would be a backup with starting (and playoff) experience.


Tebow in Pittsburgh? Thoughts?

With all of the talk swirling about Tebow leaving the Jets, it got me thinking about where he might land. Now, this is strictly hypothetical, but I was curious as to what the rest of the BTSC...

I have a deadstock pair of #2 Florida 7.5. 1/1 910.603.0100 solecollector.com/niketraining/?p=155


I have a deadstock pair of #2 Florida 7.5. 1/1 910.603.0100 solecollector.com/niketraining/?p=155

NFL.com Power Rankings


NFL.com Power Rankings

Fantasy Points: Targeting Denver's Willis McGahee


A fantasy football look at Willis McGahee and the 2012 season.

What Does One Yard Cost? Part 2


A continued look at the cost of success on the Denver Broncos as we break the team down position by position to see which players may be over or underpaid.

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