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It's Peyton Freakin' Manning, the Broncos better be interested

I love me some Tim Tebow but this is Peyton Freakin' Manning we are talking about. Discussion over! See why it is so important now for the Broncos to seize the day on this once in a lifetime opportunity. A solution that would make everyone happy!

Tebow could have saved Del Rio, Jacksonville's NFL Future

Interesting article from Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel after the Jags fired Jack Del Rio and Tim Tebow was on his 5 and 1 streak. Now the same coach that passed on Tebow is part of the Broncos organization. Wonder if Tebow says "how do you like me now" when they meet up in Dove Valley.

Tebow Sculpture on eBay

Too bad this guy didn't list it prior to Xmas - I would've bought it for my dad as a bookend or something.

Broncos and Tebow Beat Steelers; Utopia in Denver, cats and dogs living together

Can you believe it? Every expert in the country counted the Broncos and Quarterback Tim Tebow out against the Steelers and their number one ranked defense. Miracles do happen and apparently after all the fuss, Tim Tebow is actually a pretty darn good quarterback. Excitement in Denver is off the charts and Tebow mania is burning like a wild fire out of control and causing Huge Damage. Go Broncos Next Josh McDaniels and the Patriots! Stand down Harrison and the Steelers.....Stand Down!

Karma and what it has to do with this weeks game

Here we are the final week of the season. We take a look at "Karma" and how it applies to this weeks game. Tebow vs Orton or Broncos vs Chiefs. Questions answered with some pain killers and Michelob Ultra.

Broncos lose to Bills: Season comes down to Tebow vs Orton Match Up

The Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow have taken a few steps backwards against the Patriots and Bills and now find themselves in a must win situation vs the Kansas City Chiefs and former Broncos reject Kyle Orton. The Stout Denver Broncos defense has been torched for two straight weeks and Mike McCoy and the Broncos offense continue to make no adjustments to correct their league worst 2nd quarter production. Has Von Miller been figured out? Will Tim Tebow recover from his 4 turnovers? It all comes down to the last week of the season when the Broncos try to win the AFC West title.

In your face Tim Tebow Haters

Week after week one more NFL analyst or so called expert swallows a little more crow as Tim Tebow continues to amaze. Tim Tebow takes the high road when responding to these folks but that doesn't mean we need to. A quick review and response to the most critical Tim Tebow haters.

Broncos tame Bears; Tebow and Prater come up big!

The most amazing winning streak in Broncos history continues in unbelievable fashion. Tim Tebow, strong defense, and Matt Prater's leg carry the Broncos to their 6th straight victory. Tebow now 7-1 as a starter!

Broncos will need to pass their way by Chicago

Chicago is ranked 7th in the NFL in rushing defense and has the 28th ranked passing defense. The Broncos will likely have to rely on Tebow throwing his way to victory like he did against Minnesota so we need a big game by Bay Bay and Eric Decker.

Tim Tebow Angel Among Us

Tim Tebow continues to be the most talked about story in the NFL. Not only is he 6-1 but he has captured the world's attention on his character, beliefs, and ability to beat the odds week after week as he leads the Broncos towards the AFC West title. Seemed appropriate this time of year to share this video. Tebow truly is an Angel Among Us

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