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Denver in the Driver's Seat (gunning for a high seed?)


Is Denver in a position to shoot for the second seed in the playoffs?

The Denver Broncos Defense - The Truth About The Kansas City Loss


It seems like every week the same people say the same thing about the Broncos defense.  We hear how horrible they are, how they can't stop the run, how they can't defend the pass, how they can't...


I have this small thought in my head right now

I have seen a few things happen this early year which may end up surprising some people so I dont wat the possibility surprising the MHR Faithful. Trade O-Lineman to a system that needs him for...


Optimistic Schedule Predictions

[Note by Zappa, 07/25/08 3:26 PM PDT ]  I was going to post this tomorrow so as not to take away from Chi-Town's post, but I am going to be out of town this weekend.  If you haven't already,...


The Broncos 53 Man Roster -- My Crystal Ball

I have looked into my crystal ball and what I saw was a 13-3 record in the near future.  I tried to focus on the teams name, but I couldn't quite make it out...although I am sure it said the Denver...


The San Diego Chargers...A Paper Tiger

Everywhere I go I hear about how great the San Diego Chargers are. Even here at MileHighReport.com, the most sacred place a Bronco fan can go, the Charger worshipping is getting out of hand! Are...

The Quest: Offensive Comparison '07 vs '08


This post is an historic one for me as it is my 100th since joining Mile High Report almost a year ago.  I am currently working on several different upcoming posts and I was wondering if I...

Broncos Quarterback Camp Day 7 - Darrent Williams Teen Center Opens


Today will mark the final day of the Broncos Quarterback Camp.  There won't be much time off, however, as the team gets right back to work next week.  AS a reminder, here are the important dates...

Denver Broncos Quarterback Camp Day 6 - News and Notes


Some much to say, so little space!  Actually, I have all the space I want, and it's a good thing.  Yesterday seemed to be a busy day for guys getting injured(Dre Bly), guys feeling better(Jay...

The Quest: Defensive Comparison '07 vs '08


“The Quest” for me must begin with the defense.  2007 was the worst defense statistically the Broncos have fielded in a long time. At least when it comes to the most important stat, Points...

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