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Some Clarification is in Order: "Clutch" Part 5: Wrapping up and My Top 10


I was planning on looking at how quarterbacks play in the playoffs compared to the regular season, but after discussing it and reviewing my interviews, I found that I wouldn't include that since...

The 10 best things about being a Rays fan


As you may already know, Big League Stew is currently doing a series of Top 10 lists, of the best things about being a fan of each major league team. Well, the Rays' list was just posted, and I thought I'd share it.

jones Top Ten - Final - 2011 Season


Ah, but to live life unapologetically, that’s the spirit, yes? To root out your cynicism and sow instead joy. To live life in the moment with nary a care for tomorrow. College football’s national...

jones Top Ten 2011 Season in Review


Welcome to the first annual Jones Top Ten season in review. What follows replaces the annual bowl preview, largely because the bowl season sucks. Outside of a handful of games, any given Saturday...

jones Top Ten - Week Thirteen - 2011


If you had been with Lewis and Clark, Oregon never would have become a state. My wife the navigator does not generally put up with my smart-assery and this was no exception. If you had been making...

jones Top Ten - Week 12 - 2011


Nonsense is my favorite multi-purpose catch-all word. My own aloha, I suppose. Smartly defined right out of the M-W.D., nonsense captures “foolish or meaningless words or actions.” But I think of...

jones Top Ten - Week Eleven - 2011


Conference re-alignment has not completely dulled my enthusiasm for college football, just partially. Roughly about to the same extent the Transportation Safety Administration has dulled my...

jones Top Ten - Week Ten - 2011


Fathers forget how hard it is to come inside. Our timing always stinks; we have no appreciation for ending a game in the front yard or driveway at the proper moment. We believe that shower time...

jones Top Ten - Week 8 - 2011


My mom didn’t cotton to bored children. If you ever said I’m bored, she would counter with a list of activities. If you didn’t chose one, then she would tell you that your boredom was your own...

jones Top Ten - Week Seven - 2011


Among my many neuroses, I have a problem with people who turn left when it is completely unreasonable to turn left. This is one of the many cultural battles that I have lost (right up there with an...

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