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Safety Adrian Amos says that the Broncos are a potential fit if he moves on from the Bears

An interesting quote from the impending free agent.

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Report: Broncos likely to pick up Emmanuel Sanders option

That puts an end to that drama.

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Should the Broncos exercise their option on Emmanuel Sanders?

Emmanuel Sanders isn’t interested in a contract restructure, but it’s up to the Denver Broncos front office to decide whether or not they want to exercise their team-option to keep him on the roster in 2019.

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Report: Denver “likely” to let Matt Paradis hit the open market

The Broncos continue to play hardball in contract negotiations.

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Emmanuel Sanders says he will not restructure his contract

Interesting developments.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Joe Flacco has a long road to winning our hearts

Past MHR polls have shown that Flacco was literally the last QB fans wanted. Since it’s now a reality, what can he do to truly become a Bronco?

Potential Broncos free agent target: Linebacker Kwon Alexander

If healthy, Kwon Alexander could be a steal in free agency for the Denver Broncos.

A Broncos “Win From Now On” plan

If this works out, the Denver Broncos are back to chasing Lombardi trophies in 2019 and beyond.

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Estimating the Broncos' cap space after the Flacco trade

I'll start by giving credit to my sources. Most of my cap and contract information comes from Spotrac, but the estimates for the price of RFA tenders come from OTC.

Denver Broncos News

Denver Broncos in the Hall of Fame

Mel Kiper skips quarterback for the Broncos in latest mock

Mel Kiper of ESPN mocked LSU cornerback Greedy Williams to the Denver Broncos in his latest mock draft.

Tale of the Tape: What does Joe Flacco bring to the Broncos?

Breaking down some attributes of the former Super Bowl MVP and his fit with the Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos Ownership Dispute

Denver Broncos Free Agency

Horse Tracks: Mile High Saluting Marlin Briscoe

As a Broncos fan, if you don’t know about Marlin Briscoe, here’s your chance.

Prior to free agency, the Denver Broncos are already making big moves

Mile High Report columnist Christopher Hart joined The Nate Brown Show on Fox Sports Radio to discuss the Denver Broncos’ early offseason moves regarding Joe Flacco and Brandon Marshall. Hart also gives his insight on what the team hopes to accomplish in the draft with respect to the quarterback position.

Situational passing stats - comparing Case Keenum and Joe Flacco

What do the numbers say about Flacco as an upgrade over Keenum?

HT: Who is on the Denver/Colorado sports media Mount Rushmore?

One of the names is iconic sports talk radio show host Irv Brown, who passed away on Feb. 2. Another is Dave Logan.

GIF Horse - Separating fact from fiction on Joe Flacco

I dug into the tape to see what’s really left of the Super Bowl 47 MVP.

MHR Radio

Former Ravens LB Elvis Dumervil believes the Joe Flacco trade was a desperate move by John Elway

Dumervil has a strong opinion on the recent trade

Which AAF team will you casually be rooting for?

The Salt Lake Stallions seems like the most logical fit for us average Denver Broncos fans, but if you are non-local, one of the other teams might do.

What do the Broncos do now at middle linebacker?

Mike Klis joined 1st & 10 @ 10 on Friday to answer that question after the news Brandon Marshall won’t return.

Report: Broncos will not exercise contract option for Brandon Marshall

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall will now be a free agent on March 13 after the team refused to exercise his option for 2019.

Is Kyler Murray the next John Elway?

The question is not about who they are as athletes or players, but leverage for who they play for.

Broncos 2019 Super Bowl odds nosedive after Joe Flacco trade

Oddsmakers has more confidence in the Denver Broncos with Case Keenum than with Joe Flacco. Yikes.

Karl Mecklenburg discusses Joe Flacco with the Broncos

The great Karl Mecklenburg joined 1st and 10 at 10 on Orange and Blue 760.

What does Joe Flacco bring to the Broncos?

I spoke with a quarterback statistician to get answers regarding the Denver Broncos trade for Joe Flacco.

Community Guidelines: Making the comment section a better place

An annual review of MHR's community guidelines, what's encouraged, what's discouraged, and what earns a community member a ban hammer to the face.

Can Joe Flacco ‘Dilfer’ the Denver Broncos to another Super Bowl?

Joe Flacco is going to become a Denver Bronco. What does that mean for the Broncos, the offseason, and the future?

A trade for Flacco gives Broncos more options

It gives the Broncos flexibility in the draft - especially the first round.

Joe Flacco is the perfect quarterback for the Broncos right now

If the Denver Broncos are looking for a better bridge quarterback option than Case Keenum, it doesn’t get much better than Joe Flacco.

Report: Broncos are shopping quarterback Case Keenum

Keenum’s tenure will likely be short lived with the Broncos.

MHR staff grapples with whether Flacco is an upgrade to Keenum

On paper, neither QB is that impressive, but when it comes to scheme fit, Flacco may have the edge.

Joe Flacco gives the Broncos some flexibility in the first-round of the 2019 NFL Draft

Is it still Drew Lock or bust for John Elway? The Joe Flacco trade has muddied that picture some.