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Darrent Willliams' Hair and Performance Turning Heads

The web seems to be going crazy because of this - The Fro-Hawk

Defensive Back Darrent Williams was successful almost immediately last season as a rookie, and his climb up the NFL ranks has continued this season as the Broncos' defense has started the 2006 season the way few teams have in the last 50 years.

We'll start with Sports Illustrated, who featured Williams in an online article after D-Will's Monday Night performance sparked the Broncos to a 13-3 victory.

Darrent Williams' "Fro-hawk" drew almost as much attention as his play Monday night.

Williams, a second-year cornerback for the Denver Broncos, decided to style his hair in the unique half-Mohawk and half-Afro for national television.

"It's tall and pointy, like a rock star," he said.

Williams deserved rock-star treatment after his performance Monday. He had his first interception of the season and a crucial 33-yard punt return when the Denver offense was struggling during the Broncos' 13-3 victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

Not to be outdone, the Rocky Mountain News also featured Williams' hair --

The News went on to talk about Williams being the next Champ Bailey -
Williams is quickly becoming more than just the ''other cornerback'' for Denver. He's no longer Champ Bailey's sidekick.

While life on the opposite side of Bailey is far from dull -- with quarterbacks constantly picking on you -- teams are discovering that Williams is pretty good himself.

''That's fine. Pick on me,'' Williams said. ''One day, I'll be the shut-down corner on the team.''

That day may have already arrived. Denver may be in possession of two premier lock-down corners.

''If you put him on the field he's going to make something happen,'' Bailey said.

There is no doubt that Williams' defensive play was excellent Monday Night, a vast imporvement over the first 3 games of the season, when teams were picking on Williams, with success.  The catalyst for Williams defensive improvement may have been an special teams play.  D-Will had been struggling with punt returns as well, last in the league with a .8 yards per return average through the first 3 games.  Head coach Mike Shanahan had stresses special teams play during the BYE week, and the results show it.  During a first half where the Broncos would throw for only 6 yards, Williams' 33 yard punt return in the 2nd quarter led to the tying field goal, and jump-started the team and the crowd that had been deflated a bit by 2 early turnovers.

As the Broncos head into Oakland week, having two "shut-down" corners will go a long way towards a return to the AFC Championship, and perhaps beyond.  Shanny feels he has it already -
I think he's an elite cornerback, he has a lot of confidence, a lot of ability. He will be one of the top corners in the National Football League for years to come.

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