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NFL Network's 'Super' Countdown

If you are a fan of the NFL Network like I am you probably have seen previews for "America's Game".  Similar to what ESPN did at the end of the last century by counting down the greatest athletes, the NFL Network will be counting down the best Super Bowl Champions, starting with a 1 Hour preview show on November 17.  There is no doubt that NFL Films has had a gigantic hand in creating the fan-crazy NFL of today, starting in 1962, when the late Pete Rozelle gave Ed Sabol unprecedented total access to game day, practice fields and locker rooms.

The NFL Network describes the show this way --

From dynasties to one-shot wonders, from the undefeated to the unexpected, America's Game  tells the stories behind the story of all 40 Super Bowl champions. Each episode is a 60-minute documentary featuring key members of the winning team telling behind-the-scenes accounts from their championship season. With classic NFL Films action combined with news clips and photos, highlights from team radio broadcasts, footage from inside team meeting rooms, sideline audio and other exclusive features, America's Game  will provide an epic and intimate portrait of 40 distinct championship teams, in one groundbreaking series.

According to Hall-of-Fame writer Rick Gosselin of The Dallas Morning News, the shows will feature narration from several Hollywood actors, including Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis. Each championship season is seen through the eyes of three players or coaches from that team.

A panel of 53 members, including former players (Dan Marino) and coaches (Marv Levy), general managers (Carl Peterson) plus writers (Bob Oates, Los Angeles Times) and broadcasters (Joe Buck, Fox), voted on the list with only one stiplulation - you've never been a part of a Super Bowl champion.

Interestingly enough, Gosselin was a memeber of the panel, and openly shared is Top 10 --

1) 1992 Cowboys, 2) 1975 Steelers, 3) 1989 49ers, 4) 1972 Miami, 5, 1977 Cowboys, 6) 1998 Broncos, 7) 1984 49ers, 8) 1985 Bears, 9) 1976 Raiders, 10) 1978 Steelers.

While each of the 40 champions will be part of a 1 hour documentary, the NFL Network will begin counting down the top 20 champions on Friday, November 24th, the day after Thanksgiving.  The series will run through Feb. 3, the night before the Super Bowl, when the "Ultimate Champion" will be revealed.

This looks like must-see TV, and it starts with a 1 hour preview show on November 17.