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In The End...

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They don't ask how, just how many....

Let's have a positive Monday morning...Our defense is doing things noone has seen in 70 years, and we are still undefeated in the conference and division...

I know the offense has been lackluster so far, and blah blah blah about the Chargers, but we'll have our shot at them, as well as the Colts/Bengals/Steelers...

Right now I am just loving a 4 game winning streak!!

Above is the contents of a post I made on a couple of Broncos Message Boards I post to.   Like many of you, I tire of all the negativity throughout the boards and was trying to take a "glass half full" approach to the win Sunday Night, and to the season as a whole.  Within' minutes the threads had spiraled out of control, and in some cases even became a Jay Vs. Jake argument.  Before I knew it, I am back to all the negativity, arguing with fellow Broncos fans about how bad our 4-1 team is or isn't.

After cooling off for awhile, I sat down to watch Monday Night Football.  After watching the Bears struggle as mightily as they did for 3 1/2 quarters before pulling it out in miracle fashion I came to a startling realization.  It is friggin' hard to win in the NFL.  That's any game, any season.  

After the game I was collecting my thoughts, when WABronco left this diary --

Be thankful that we aren't Cardinal's fans right about now.  Holy.....cow.....

I don't know what I'd do!?!?  I literally have no idea!  I mean, at least when we were getting beatdown by Indy the game was totally out of reach.  Zona had this game in the palms of their hands!  

I would be depressed for WEEKS...

Leinart did look pretty solid though.  Matt "Silver Lining" Leinart.  Maybe it was part of the gameplan, but I only saw them go downfield once...the entire game.

Oh well, that was an exciting game...hopefully we watch our backs against Cleveland next week.

I couldn't have said it better myself.  Week in, week out, it is tougher to win consistently in the NFL than any other league.  The league is set up for parity, for everyone to play on an even playing field, for dynasties to succumb to their own success.  The Broncos have won more games since 1995 than other team in the NFL.  ANY OTHER TEAM.  We have succeeded in this system as well as any team in the league.  Sure, the Patriots have won 3 Super Bowls to the Broncos' 2, but had John Elway come into the league in 1993 instead of 1983, that could have been different as well.

I know this post has seemed to ramble, but the negativity of a few so-called "fans" has really driven me to the edge. We are 4-1, we are 3-0 in the AFC, 2-0 in the AFC West.  Our defense is accomplishing things no one has seen sine 1934!  72 YEARS!  Yet, the only thing "fans" can focus on is what we aren't doing, or worse, that Jake Plummer is still the quarterback.  Are you serious?

Will we have to play better to beat teams like Indianapolis, or Pittsburgh, or Seattle, or more importantly San Diego?  Definitely.  But each game plays out and is prepared for by who your opponent is.  On Sunday, it was the Raiders, a team that is struggling, but their numbers state were dangerous.  And they played hard, and give them some credit, they didn't roll over and quit.  Oh, and we still beat them by 10!  I read the boards, and you would think we lost the game.  I am certain that there are "fans" out there that would prefer us to lose 41-38 than win 13-3 because at least our offense played well.  And to me, I feel better about a 13-3 win than a 40-30 win because to win a title you are going to need a championship defense.  

Lastly, to everyone who says, "Good thing it was the Raiders we played on Sunday, 'cuz if it was anyone else we would have lost!"  If my aunt had a "@#%$", she'd be my uncle.