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10/02 - Monday Presser - Mike Shanahan

The Broncos got back to work on Monday, for the first time since last Wednesday.  Shanny took some time to talk to the media after practice.  Here is a quick synopsis of what went down --

*--Coach reiterated that he felt that the BYE came at a good time.  He compared the Thanksgiving game to a BYE, even though there is a short week before the game, there is a nice layoff after.  Counting Training camp, the Broncos will seemingly have two-month chunks of season, then a few day break.

*--Coach mentioned that even the coaches and secretaries got away for a couple days, and it's good to get away and to recharge.  Staff came together after the first games yesterday to get ready for Baltimore.  Coach also discussed how nice it was to be able to actually watch the games, especially with teams the Broncos will be facing in upcoming weeks.

*--Though it is nice to get away, the time off requires a day like today, when the team was in pads, then did some running.  It helps the team get inot a football mode, before getting back to normal preperation on Wednesday.

*--Though running is not a normal part of O.T.A's a nd such, Shanny feels it is important prior to, and coming out of a BYE week.  It helps keep the team in some shape during the season, especially since "the guys had a couople of beers over the weekend".

*--Though former Bronco Trevor Pryce didn't want to give any bulletin board material, he did mention that he felt the Chargers would be the team to come out of the AFC West.  Shanny didn't think it was a big deal, other than to give reporters somthing to talk and write about.  "The team knows they have to get it done on the field.  Baltimore is a talented team, as is San Diego, the top 2 defenses, statistically in the league.  It will be a big challenge for our football team".

A quick injury update --

*--Courtney Brown -- Nothing has changed, Brown is still receiving treatment and is officially Day-to-Day

*--Al Wilson -- Had a slight hamstring pull against the Patriots, but practiced today and should be full speed on Wednesday

*--Darrent Williams -- No issues at all

Nice to have some real football to talk about again.  It was nice to get a break, but like the team I am ready to re-foucs on the season and the 13 week stretch run, and beyond!