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10/25 Wednesday Presser - Mike Shanahan

Coach Shanahan was short and to the point with the media today, spending about 5 minutes answering questions about Sunday's game with Colts.  A good thing too, because the coaches need all the time in the world to get ready for Manning and CO.  Here are a couple key points....

--A quarterback cannot be considered the best without winning a Super Bowl.  That doesn't mean he couldn't be the best, just not considered the best by people.  Winning championships are what separates the great ones from the very good ones.  Peyton would probably be the first to agree with that, though he's as good as it gets.  Very Impressive.

--Colts run the know huddle because they are good at it, and they love to do it.  They are very good at substitutions, and it keeps the defense from subbing.  You can tell that Manning works at it more than most.  In order to know the intricacies of defenses as well as he does you have to live it everyday.

--The Colts offense is not a whole lot different without Edge.  They had a running back run for over 7 yards per carry last week, a #1 draft pick, who was chosen because he fits into their scheme very well.   With the salary cap and such, they were able to go out and get another great running back.

--Playing at home will be a big advantage, especially with our crowd.  Hopefully the crowd will be loud so that we can take advantage of it.  It won't rattle Peyton Manning, it just allows the defensive line to get a jump on the ball since the o-line won't be able to hear the signals.

And that was it.  Short, sweet, and to the point.  Now the real work begins, as the Broncos head back to the practice field.