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Colts @ Broncos - Behind the Numbers


As we get ready for a huge matchup against the Indianapolis Colts, let's take a look where each team stands by the numbers --

SCORING OFFENSE -- The Broncos rank 31st in the League at 13.2 points per game.
                              The Colts rank 4th at 28.5 points per game.

PASSING OFFENSE -- The Broncos rank 30th, averaging 153.5 yards per game.
                               The Colts are 2nd in passing, averaging 261.8 yards per game.

RUSHING OFFENSE -- The Broncos sit near the top, placing 4th, averaging 143.3 yards per game
                                The Colts are in the middle, placing 16th, averaging 111.2 yards per game

TOTAL OFFENSE -- The Broncos are 23rd, averaging 296.8 yards per game.
                           The Colts are Top 5 at 3rd, averaging 373 yards per game.


SCORING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 1st, allowing 7.3 points per game.
                               The Colts are 12th, allowing 20.3 points per game.

PASSING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 8th, allowing 181.7 yards per game.
                               The Colts are 3rd, allowing 167.3 yards per game.

RUSHING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 7th, allowing 90.3 yards per game
                                The Colts are 31st, allowing 158 yards per game.

TOTAL DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 4th, allowing 272 yards per game.
                            The Colts are 18th, allowing 325.3 yards per game

TURNOVERS -- The Broncos are 18th, with a -1 turnover margin.
                      The Colts are 11th, with a +6 turnover margin