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Denver's Linebackers Ranked Best By Scouts, Inc.

For as much as I can't stand K.C. Joyner, I have alot of respect for most of the guys that compromise Scouts, INC.

A membership is needed to see the whole ARTICLE , but basically they are finally giving the Broncos LB crew the R-E-S-P-E-C-T it deserves...

Here is what the crew had to say about Al, D.J. and Ian --

In MLB Al Wilson and OLBs D.J. Williams and Ian Gold, Denver possesses the best starting group in the NFL. What makes them so special? First and foremost, they are all so close. It is almost like they can read each others' minds on the field. Secondly, it is the fastest unit in the NFL. The Broncos might not have the fastest individual players, but there is no other unit that possesses great speed at all three LB spots.

They are all interchangeable, but each has his own special characteristics. Wilson is a solid take-on player at the point of attack. He plays with very good leverage and knows how to strike, shed and get to the ball. Williams is the youngest (24) and most explosive player of this group. Gold is the most versatile of the group. He is Denver's best cover LB and has the feel, quickness and instincts to align in the slot if need be.

The last thing that makes them so special is the versatility and matchup problems they create for an offense. These three players are athletic enough to be on the field in any offensive scenario, and that can give offensive coordinators fits when trying to come up with a game plan.
Best player: Wilson

The rest of the Top 10 --



San Diego




New Englans



So, and as many of you know already, I use deductive reasoning quite a bit, if Al Wilson is the best Linebacker on the best Linebacking corp in the NFL, would he be the best Linebacker in football?!?!