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Broncos Win 30-24; According to Madden, Anyway

I don't know how many of you check THIS out, but each week ESPN simulates every NFL game using Madden '07.  Accoring to that simulation, the Broncos will hand the Colts their first loss, in a high scoring game, for the Broncos anyway.  Here is what they had to say --

While the Colts were able to break down Denver's defense far more than any team has so far this year, it was the Broncos' offense that propelled Denver to a big win in this contest -- Indy's first loss of the season. Denver had 464 yards of total offense while holding Indianapolis to under 300, as Tatum Bell led a tough rushing attack and Jake Plummer pierced the Indy pass defense for 315 yards.

Bell had two touchdowns, opening the game's scoring early in the first quarter and adding another short touchdown in the third that put Denver ahead 24-13. Peyton Manning responded by taking his team on a 91-yard drive that ended with a touchdown pass to Marvin Harrison and a successful two-point conversion to cut the lead to 24-21, but from there, Denver's defense tightened, allowing only one field goal while the Broncos kicked two of their own to close out the win

Peyton Manning had 211 yards passing and 2 TD's for the Colts, while Jake Plummer quieted some of his critics going 23/34 for 314 yards and a TD.  Tatum Bell added 99 yards on 26 carries and 2 scores.  David Kircus led the air attack, nabbin 4 catches for 110 yards.  Rod Smith had a TD catch as well.

It's always fun to see what the computers think, and hopefully the sim is right on this one!!!

According to the site --
All games have been simulated through the EA SPORTS Madden game engine in a CPU versus CPU format. The Madden game engine includes a multitude of variables, including real team playbooks, coach tendencies based on official NFL scouting reports, current rosters updated daily, and artificial player intelligence based on player rankings, scheme reactions, and individual and team matchups, and more.

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