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Week 5 Power Rankings - A Look Around The Web

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Time to see if the BYE week had any impact, good or bad, on what the so-called "experts" think.  I have always been a believer in the A>B and B>C, then A>C theory of sports.  Translatioon?  The Broncos best the Patriots, and the Patriots dominated the Bengals, so the Broncos have to be a top 5 team, right??  I'll focus on what these site think of my theory, and whether or not a BYE will drop the Broncos below the Pats.  We'll find out even more about the Broncos on Monday Night, that's for sure....

ESPN - #8(LW: 8) - The BYE has no effect on our ranking, though the Patriots leap-frogged the Broncos, all the way to #5. --

Coming off a bye the Broncos should be well rested for Monday night's showdown with the Ravens. Which is a good thing going against Baltimore's defense.

CBS - #4(LW: 7) - CBS subscribes to my theory, raising the Broncos 3 spots even during the BYE, keeping them 1 spot above the Pats. --

They come off the bye rested and feeling pretty good having defeated the Patriots the last time out. - #16(LW: 12) - We actually dropped 4 spots in this ranking, but remember, this site is geared for those of us who enjoy the line, for entertainment purposes only, of course!

A week off certainly didn't do the Broncos any good in our rankings, but the extra time should help them prepare for what is a dominant Baltimore defense. Totals bettors should note the under is a combined 6-0-1 when these two teams take the field.

Football Outsiders - #13(LW: 10) - Some prefer the thoughts of Football Outsiders since they are totally statistics based, though how seriously can we take a Power Poll that has the Chiefs ranked 6th?? -

The Broncos and Steelers each fall in the rankings despite a week off, but they don't really fall in the ratings. Kansas City, Washington, New England, and Atlanta all pass them with big wins this week. Then Denver actually jumps over Pittsburgh because our ratings now give the Broncos a positive adjustment for playing a tough early schedule.

RealFootball365 - #10(LW: 9) - Actually dropped a spot, leaving us behind teams like the Bengals, Patriots and Chargers. No idea what these guys are thinking! -

The bye week was a good opportunity for the Broncos to sit back and realize they're above .500 without playing their best football. Mike Shanahan's team will need to bring the heat in Week 5 against Baltimore.

FoxSports - #4(LW: 8) - Fox, like CBS agrees with me.  They also point out the Patriots/Bengals game and used it in raising the Broncos all the way to #4.

New England's blowout win over Cincy on the road only made Denver's dominance of the Patriots two weeks ago look all the more impressive. The Broncos D has been stingy this year. Monday night's battle with the Ravens is the clear-cut game of the week.

GridIronGrumblings - #13(LW: 11) - A couple of spopts down here, and not likely to change with an offensively challenged game upcoming. - #12(LW: 12) - Unchanged, though the same can't be said for the Pats who sky-rocketd all the way up to #4.  I guess Vic Carucci doesn't like my theory. --

The Broncos offense is preparing for its greatest challenge to date.

Seems pretty split on whether to reward a team on a BYE based on the results of teams they have beat.  Makes for an interesting arugement, anyway.  If you know of a Power Poll that You want me to link to, let me know and I will add it to the list...