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Week 8 -- Monday Mourning Quarterback -- Reaction

First, thanks to OHNOKOOLAID for his Colts/Broncos review.  I felt is was good enough to let it stand on it's own and not add comments.  I agree with 99% of it, and feel there is no need to continue to beat a dead horse.  Another reason our readers make the MHR what it is, and what it ultimately can be.

I have read a dozen or so articles, and listened to the post game press conferences, and one thing became clear, we did a poor job adjusting to what the Colts were doing, and no doubt the coaching staff remained stubborn with our defensive scheme.  One play that really sticks out was the 2-Point Conversion.  It would have seemed logical to try and bring pressure on that play instead of letting Manning go to his 3rd read on the play.  But it just wasn't to be on this day and we have to regroup quickly, because next up is a desperate Pittsburgh Steelers team that returns home after allowing 17 yards passing total, but still losing in Oakland.  More on that in the days ahead, but let's take on last look back and what is being said throughout the media, starting first with the players and coaches of the Broncos --

Depending on who you talked to, there was a lot of finger pointing by the Bronco defense, but not surprisingly, it was usually pointing right back at the person talking, a sign of a solid group of players and men.  
Said John Lynch -  

We handed that game to them.
And when it comes to the game-plan, Lynch said --
That's still the way I'd go at it again.  It's a double-edged sword. When people blitz and he exposes them -- it's what makes him so great.

Most of the focus after the game was on Darrent Williams, who was torched by Reggie Wayne for 10 catches, and 3 TD's.  Champ Bailey feels it would be wrong to blame one guy, and doesn't agree with comparisons to the playoff failures of years past --
It's night and day from that year. It is not the same.  Darrent played well. He played great. It's just one of those things. When you play a guy like Peyton Manning, the guy's going to put it on the money. What can you do, really?

He doesn't need to feel down about anything. The guy's a great player. He'll come back next week and play great, so I'm not even worried about it.

I take a lot of credit for this loss too, it's a team effort.

Even the root of Williams problems fall squarely on the shoulders of the defensive line, who failed to get any pressure what-so-ever on Manning the entire game.  Ebenezer Ekuban said as much --
There are no excuses,  if we have a sub-par performance -- as I feel as though we did -- the onus goes on the defensive line getting pressure, getting sacks, getting quarterback hits, and we just didn't do that.
In the end, all that matters is it was a loss.  For all the bad, it was good to see the offense score some points, it was good to see Jake play well, and it was good to see Mike Bell run well.  All three are going to need to be there this week in a game I feel is much more important, in Pittsburgh against the Steelers.  Only time will tell if the Broncos have learned from Sunday, and last year's loss in the AFC Championship game.