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Week 5 -- Baltimore @ Denver, A Wednesday View From The Other Side


Preperations are officially underway for both teams heading into the Monday Night battle between the Ravens and Broncos.  Let's take a look at the game from the other side, with some stories swirling around the Baltimore area --

*--The Baltimore Sun reports the Ravens are using the "line" as motivation.  The Ravens were underdogs at home to the Chargers, and even after the win come in as 4 1/2 point dogs to the Broncos.  Maybe Denver's 18-8-1 all time Monday Night Home Record could have something to do with it.  Says Ravens Wideout Derrick Mason -

All the experts said we were the worst 3-0 team in the NFL because the teams we beat had no wins, now, we beat the team that was being called the best 2-0 team. So maybe we will get some respect now.

*--The Ravens could have done without THIS.  The NFL's 2nd leading kick returner, B.J. Sam was arrested and charged with DUI, the second such arrest for Sam in the past 14 months.  It is unknown at this time whether or not Sam is in the League's Substance Abuse program or if a suspension is upcoming.  The Ravens had this to say -

We're aware of the situation and we have talked to B.J," team spokesman Kevin Byrne said. "We will now let due process take its course.

*--The Ravens are feeling the hurt along their Offensive Line as well, placing 8-year starter Edwin Mulitalo on Injured Reserve with a torn Right Triceps Tendon, ending his season.  Jason Brown, a 4th round draft pick in 2005 will replace Mulitalo in the starting lineup.  Brian, Billick, ever the optimist, had this to say --

Edwin deserved better, but we have pointed out that the depth of this team should be one of its strengths. This happens to be the first real test of that.  We hate to lose Edwin. We have a lot of faith in Jason.

*--In a refreshing take on the Ravens, Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston admits, hey, it is better to be lucky then good.  The Ravens have taken advantage of coaching mis-cues the past couple of weeks to remain undefeated, but you have to believe that won't happen on Monday Night.  Preston talks of some of that luck --
But overall, the injuries have been minor, and the Ravens fortunate. They've run into three struggling teams early, and then the San Diego Chargers, who also have a young quarterback. The Ravens have played good enough defense to win most games and gotten enough late-game heroics from quarterback Steve McNair to steal two in the final seconds.

And then there is the weird stuff, like San Diego botching two field-goal attempts, or the usually conservative Browns coach Romeo Crennel gambling for a touchdown pass late in the game that backfired. In the same game, the Ravens were fortunate enough to have the wind in the fourth quarter to aid Matt Stover in kicking a game-winning, 52-yard field goal.

Things are really starting to rev up for this big contest, and I'm sure we are going to hear something from former Broncos Mike Anderson and Trevor Pryce....