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Week 5 - Baltimore @ Denver - Game Day Open Thread


Is it me or has it been forever sice the Broncos played a football game?!?  Finally, after 14 days, the Broncos get back at it with a huge Monday Night Match-up with the undefeated Baltimore Ravens at Invesco Field.  Hang out here before and during the game to get everything you need to get ready for the game.



*--The Broncos are 13-4 after a BYE Week(8-3 under Shanahan), tied for the best in the league with Minnesota and Philadelphia

*--Broncos are 2-4 all-time against the Ravens, including a playoff loss in 2000(21-3)

*--Denver's 18-8-1 Home Record on Monday Night Football is 4th best in history

*--Denver will face Ravens' QB Steve McNair for the first time in the regular season.

*--Denver enters the game on an 11-game home winning streak, and are 32-9 at home since 2001, second best in the league.

*--Last Meeting - 12/10/05 - Denver 12-10, WIN

Official Gameday Press Release




RB Cedric Cobbs(Ankle)------------Out

DE Courtney Brown(Knee)-----------Doubtful


FB Justin Green(Neck)--------Probable

CB Evan Oglesby(Thigh)-------Probable

LB Terrell Suggs(Thigh)------Questionable

LB Adalius Thomas(Neck)------Questionable

TE Daniel Wilcox(Thigh)------Probable

TE Todd Heap(Thigh)----------Questionable

LB Mike Smith(Hip)-----------Probable

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------


WR Todd Devoe
S Hamza Abdullah
RB Cedric Cobbs
LB Nate Webster
G Chris Kuper
T Adam Meadows
TE Nate Jackson
DE Courtney Brown

For the first time this season, rookie DL Elvis Dumervil will be in the building and active tonite.



*--The Weather Outside Is Frightful -- If it is October in Denver it can only mean one thing. Anything. On Friday and Saturday it was 80 degrees. Tonite, snow and temperatures plummeting into the 30's. It all equals a game, that wasn't going to be high on offense anyway will be even closer and lower scoring. The field will be soft, the ball slick, and it is going to be important to win the turnover battle.

*--Jake Plummer, Outdoorsman -- If one thing concerns me about this game it is the weather, and Jake's obvious distaste for the cold and elements. Two games come to mind, both in Denver, both in bad weather, both losses, where Jake looked, well, not so happy about being outside. Against the Bears a couple of years ago, in a game that was cold, and the infamous Raider game in a blizzard. It is going to be important that Jake play well, and not make the big mistake.

*--One, Two, Three, Punt, Repeat -- Be prepared for several 3 and outs, several punts for both teams, and the pressure on the punters to secure field position. It is going to be important for the Broncos' offense, even head coach Mike Shanahan to be patient and let the game come to us. There might only be a couple of opportunites for a big play, and when it's there the Broncos need to capitalize.

*--Nice To Meet You -- For the first time in the regular season the Broncos face Steve McNair, and overall they haven't faced him since the 1996 pre-season. McNair can look lousy for an entire game, only to turn it on when it counts. It is going to be important for the Broncos to contain McNair and not let him get into a comfort zone.

*--THE RESULT -- The Broncos have won 11 straight regular season games at home. I have watched the Baltimore Ravens the past two weeks, struggling to win both times. It is a defense that is fast and agressive, but can be exploited. There will be big plays available and the Broncos will make a few here and there. I like the Broncos, 17-13


*--Nice stop by the defense after a sweet sack by Ekuban.
*--So much for the turnover battle, as Tatum Bell fumbles. Ravens have excellent field position, and that has already seemed to take the excitement out of the crowd.
*--Timeout by the Denver defense on a big 3rd Down, as they all are in the 1st Quarter. All 2nd Quarter third downs are crucial, while all 3rd Quarter third downs are pivotal. Just to keep the record straight.
*--Ravens held to a Field Goal, and the defense once again does a great job holding an offense when given a short field. RAVENS 3 - 0
*--Nice and easy throw to Walker for the 1st down. No doubt that Javon is Jake's favorite target.
*--We just DO NOT run a the screen very well. Let's hope that's the last time we see it tonite.
*--A false start, followed by another timeout. Looks like the Broncos still are on the BYE.
*--Another bad turnover, as Jake throws a horrible ball. Once again, Jake looks like he would rather be somewhere else than in the rain and weather in Denver. Defense needs to step up again.
*--Need to contain McNair, and they give him a first down.
*--That went about as porrly as it could have. Two offensive possessions, two turnovers. Ravens are driving again, and the defense has been on the field a bunch already. END OF FIRST QUARTER -- RAVENS 3 - 0


*--Denver defense holds again, and the Ravens will have to punt. Field position battle begins, with the Ravens punting the ball to the 2. Is it me or have we started more drives inside the 5 this season already than ever before?
*--That's more like it, two nice runs by Bell, who is getting into his rhythem. The way Theisman is talking, we're losing 50-0.
*--At least the Broncos were able to switch field position, and will look to pin the Ravens deep
*--Are you kidding me?? Desperate Housewives?!?
*--Billick must have gotten word that the Desperate Housewives guy was still talking and takes a time out. Broncos need to be wary of play-action here...
*--There it was, but a great play by Al Wilson, breaking up the pass. How about a nice punt return here...
*--And we get it, nice return for D-Will.
*--Broncos using mis-direction well to create seams up the middle. Tatum has the speed to get through the hole, and the offense is getting into a rhythem
*--Another poor pass, and the gloves are doing absolutely nothing for Plummer
*--Elam, steady as always converts the opportunity, and the Broncos tie the game. Time for the defense to get a turnover! BRONCOS 3 - RAVENS 3
*--Big conversion for the Ravens. Someone needs to keep an eye on the back.
*--I do have to agree with Larry, Curly and Mo on that point, a TD either way could be enough.
*--Williams has been setting that up all night, and it nearly paid off...
*--Broncos get the ball to start the 2nd half, so if the defense can hold the Ravens off the scoreboard it would be a big life heading to the locker room
*--As is the case with this defense, Bailey gets caught looking into the backfield, big play for the Ravens, and you can see what having a confident QB can do for an offense. Can you imagine Plummer making that throw?
*--Bailey makes up for his earlier transgression by ending the Ravens drive. Great catch, Great stand by the Broncos defense.
*--That will take us to the Half. Great Game! HALFTIME - BRONCOS 3 - RAVENS 3


*--It'd be nice to see Quincy Morgan come up big here.
*--Looking to take some clock here and get a score. Let the Ravens play catch up for awhile
*--Once again Scheffler is open and Jake can't make the connection. *--No confidence in the passing game as the Broncos run on third down. Field position changes again, with Ernster having a shot to pin the Ravens back
*--Defense has been impressive, but a 3 and out would be sweet right now.
*--Good job, but a penalty will back us up a bit. Let's see something from the offense...Take a shot down field.
*--Jake Plummer is always late on that throw. Every time! Plummer has got to get that out to Smith. Another punt...
*--Great punt by Ernster, and the Broncos D comes back on the field. Time to get that second turnover....
*--Another stupid penalty, after Myers somehow missed flattening the ball. Offense has another crack at it, and like I said in my preview, we need to be patient and let the game to come to us. There are plays to be made
*--Big first down, just to give the defense some time to rest some more
*--First bootleg in three weeks, and Jake makes a great decision hitting Walker across the middle...
*--Why not take a shot down the field there...You are going to punt anyway....The battle continues, Ernster needs to drop this at the 5
*--The Baltimore Bullies?!? What an ASS!!!


*--Anderson really slashing us, being a little more ellusive than Lewis
*--Defense stands again, and a choke on the punt give the Broncos great field position considering where they should have been.
*--Come on, take a shot down the field...
*--I love the playcall...Either get the first down, or Plummer gets hurt, Cutler time...Seriously, a near fumble, but a big first down.
*--Take a shot, NOW! Playaction, then down the sidelines to Walker!
*--There it was! Jake had Kircus, but threw the ball way too flat. Another 3rd down.
*--The old man makes the grab, 1st down....Tick, Tick, Tick
*--Kircus had the 1st down, should have caught it, but the trow was high. Decision time, but the Broncos need to kick the field goal
*--Big kick by Elam again. Denver leads for the 1st time. BRONCOS 6 - RAVENS 3
*--Great play call by the Ravens, taking advantage of the Broncos aggressiveness, and Lynch stays down, can ill-afford to lose him at this point
*--Saweet pick by Williams, and now the offense can take some time off the clock....Time for Jake and Co. to pull their weight!
*--And the Broncos immediately go for the kill, big play to Walker
*--Great run by Bell, running right through a Ray Lewis tackle for the 1st Down. Who says T. Bell isn't tough.
*--A little nervous about Lynch's injury, have to hope it will be ok in the morning.
*--Damn, Theisman really wants the Broncos to lose this game..."Was there a fumble? Ray Lewis has the ball."
*--TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS! Great throw by Plummer to Smith! First TD for the Broncos at home this year! BRONCOS 13 - 3
*--I don't like the conservative approach, though I know it is warranted. I would like to see Coyer send a blitz here, just to get into McNair's face
*--My man, D-Fox, who you'll be reading this week in my Questions segment, ends the game. Great win for the Broncos!