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Wednesday Presser -- 11/1 -- Mike Shanahan

Time for the weekly Wednesday Press Conference, which offically marks the turning of the page for the team and fas alike.  This week, Shanny turns his attention towards the defending Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, who at 2-5 are fighting for thir playoff lives.  The Broncos will look to make it 3-0 against the AFC North, with wins already against the Ravens and Browns.  Cincinnati will visit Dever in December.  Here is what Shanny had to say about the Steelers --

--Statistically, the Steelers defense is a bit better than they were last year at this time.  They lead the AFC in yards per play(2nd in the NFL) and are very physical.  They play with pride and we are going to have to play well, play physical to beat them at their place.

--The Steeler Offense is actually moving the ball a bit better this year, but they have turned the ball over alot more than last season.  You can't win in this league, no matter how talented you are, if you turn the ball over.  Over the past three games they have averaged 430 yards and 31 points per game, but the turnovers have hurt them.

--When you play a team the year before you might be able to find tendancies on defense, just like they might be able to find formation tendancies.

--Last year is over with, though you always look forward to playing the Super Bowl Champs.  You get ready for every game, the same as we are getting ready for this one.

--You address off the field before trianing camp, but not really at all during the season.  Since I ride a motor cycle, I don't think I can really preach to the players the dangers of riding a bike.

--Any time you lose a close game you are disappointed.  We are disappointed wew didn't adjust a bit quicker during the game, but that's the nature of coaching and you learn from it.  Once it's over, it's over.

--We know 2-5 is not indicative of the type of team they are and we are gooing to need to play well to have a chance to win.

All in all, Shanny seemed to be in good spirits, but deep down knows this might be the biggest game of they year.  Lose, and be 5-3, looking up at the Chargers with the Chiefs on your tail.  Win, and get to 6-2 heading to Oakland.  I think I know where we need to be....