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By The Numbers -- Broncos V. Chargers

Here's how the Chargers and Broncos stack up heading into this week's AFC West showdown --

SCORING OFFENSE -- The Broncos rank 23rd in the League at 17.6 points per game.
                              The Chargers rank 1st at 33 points per game.

PASSING OFFENSE -- The Broncos rank 27th, averaging 168 yards per game.
                               The Chargers are 11th in passing, averaging 222.6 yards per game.

RUSHING OFFENSE -- The Broncos place 4th, averaging 140.6 yards per game
                                The Chargers are 2nd, averaging 155.7 yards per game

TOTAL OFFENSE -- The Broncos are 19th, averaging 308.6 yards per game.
                           The Chargers are 4th, averaging 378.2 yards per game.


SCORING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 1st, allowing 12.3 points per game.
                               The Chargers are 10th, allowing 19.4 points per game.

PASSING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 27th, allowing 226.2 yards per game.
                               The Chargers are 15th, allowing 210.1 yards per game.

RUSHING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 5th, allowing 86.2 yards per game
                                The Chargers are 6th, allowing 89.6 yards per game.

TOTAL DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 13th, allowing 312.4 yards per game.
                            The Chargers are 8th, allowing 299.7 yards per game

TURNOVERS -- The Broncos are 9th, with a +3 turnover margin.
                      The Raiders are 2nd, with a +9 turnover margin

I would not consider myself a "stats" guy, but I know numbers don't usually lie.  Of the 8 categories above the Broncos are behind the Chargers in all but 2 of them.  Of course, points per game is the only stat that matters after wins and losses, so it's a pretty big one.  What is a fact is that the Chargers can move the ball, whether it's in the air or on the ground, and LaDanian Tomlinson is the best football player on the planet, period.  The Broncos offense is going to have to find a way to score some points...