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Week 11 Power Rankings -- A Look Around The Web

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A tough win against a lessor opponent is sure to knock the Broncos from their highest ascent to date, where some sites had Denver ranked #2.  Let's take a look around the web and find out where we are...

ESPN - #4(LW: 2) - Jake's shaky performance against the Raiders leaves the ESPN guys a bit nervous --

Jake Plummer still has to make Broncos fans nervous. Do you have any confidence that he can get you three or four wins in the playoffs without coughing up a game?

CBS - #4(LW: 5) - Up one spot to 4, with more Plummer induced uneasiness
They escaped at Oakland and now play a key divisional game against the high-scoring Chargers. Jake Plummer remains way too inconsistent - #5(LW: 7) - Up a couple of spots into the Top 5, and finally some positive words --

In this league all good teams will eventually find themselves engaged in a tightly-knit contest with a lesser opponent. The really good ones find a way to win such games, especially on the road.

Football Outsiders - #10(LW: 9) - Damn, that DVOA is hard to figure out....

One reason why the Broncos play so many close games is that they can't get it going in the first quarter. The offense ranks 28th in first-quarter DVOA, and the defense is 14th.

RealFootball365 - #4(LW: 6) - Up a couple here, and more Plummer negativity -

Look, quarterback rating is one of the most pointless stats in sports, but the fact that Jake Plummer's is a lackluster 71.6 makes it extremely hard to believe the Broncos are so great in the win-loss column. For the most part, it's a necessity to have great QB play in January, meaning the Broncos could be in for an early postseason exit.

Yahoo Sports - #2(LW: 3) - Up to #2, and an evil prophecy indeed -

Injured or not, Tatum Bell isn't doing much to change his image across the NFL as a finesse running back who can't cut it as a centerpiece. And get used to this idea Denver fans: quarterback Jake Plummer is going to kill this team in the playoffs again.

FoxSports - #2(LW: 2) - We remain at #2, though pessimism reigns supreme!

The Broncos overcame three Jake Plummer interceptions to survive an upset-hungry Raiders squad 17-13 on Sunday in Oakland. The Broncos offense, which tallied 31 points in consecutive weeks leading up to last weekend's game, sputtered and stalled versus Oakland. Denver took a 14-13 lead on a fourth quarter 4th-and-goal touchdown pass to Kyle Johnson. On the gutsy play call, Johnson commented afterwards, "Coach Shanahan is a riverboat gambler. This time it came up in our favor." The Chargers come to Denver Sunday night for what should be the NFL's game of the week. The riverboat gambler may need to use some more of those tricks up his sleeve.

Sports Illustrated - #3(LW: 4) - Dr. Z wonders the same thing as many of us...Where the Hell is Mike Bell?!?

Psst, hey Shanahan. Remember Mike Bell, the guy who killed himself for you against the Colts? There's mold growing on his uniform. What a hard-hearted Hannah that coach is, dusts 'em off, uses 'em briefly, back in the drawer they go.

We are mere pieces of the game he plays
Upon this chequer-board of nights and days;
Hither and thither moves and mates and slays,
Then one by one back in the closet lays.

-- Omar Khayyam

GridIronGrumblings - #4(LW: 7) - All the way to #4, now that's more like it!!! - #3(LW: 2) - Down a spot, but still ahead of the Chargers --

A defining test vs. the Chargers is ahead. Will Jake Plummer look more ready than he did vs. the Raiders?

In the top 5 everywhere(Except for that damn DVOA, of course....) for the first time this season.  Even better things to come if we can knock off the Chargers on Sunday....