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'98 Broncos Included In Top 20 Champions Ever

The 1998 Denver Broncos, the second in the back-to-back championship teams was voted onto the list of the Top 20 Super Bowl Champions ever.  The list, being counted down as part of the NFL Network's "America's Game" series that began tonite.  In the premier episode, the Network reveals the 20 Champions that made the vote out of the 40 Super Bowl Champions to date.

I was hoping that one of the teams would get there, though there seemd to be a lot of criticism of the two Broncos Championship teams.  In the end, the '98 team got in becuase of the combination of a 13-0 start and Terrell Davis' 2000 yard season.  John Elway riding off into the sunset with a Super Bowl MVP award probably didn't hurt either.

Each week from now until Super Bowl weekend will profile the list, counting down from #20 until revealing the best of the best.

To read more about the show, which will reveal Team #20 on November 24th, check out my report on it HERE.