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Injuries Continue To Mount

The Broncos defense took another blow today when it was repoprted that Nick Ferguson would MISS the rest of the season with torn cartalidge in his knee.  The Broncos were all ready a bit thin at safety after losing Sam Brandon earlier in the season and will now have to do without Ferguson.

It would be assumed that Curome Cox would move into the starting lineup opposite John Lynch, and Hamza Abdullah would see aslot more action on special teams and in Nickle sitautions.  The Broncos could also take a look at using a corner at safety with Dominique Foxworth being a possibility.

Needless to say this isn't very good news to a defense that has struggled the last month or so, allowing nearly 25 points a game the past 4 weeks.  more disturbing has been the pass defense, which has been torched for 289/game the past 4 games and ranks 24th in the league overall.

This may also force the Broncos to blitz more, to protect the vulnerabilities in the defensive backfield.  It also means the special teams, already a mess, will lose another positive contributer in Cox since the risk of Cox getting hurt on special teams far outweighs the reward.

Time for the Broncos to snap up the chin straps and get it done in the face of some serious adversity.