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Broncos/Chiefs By The Numbers


Here's how the Chiefs and Broncos stack up heading into Thanksgiving Night's AFC West showdown --

SCORING OFFENSE -- The Broncos rank 17th in the League at 18.5 points per game.

                              The Chiefs rank 13th at 21 points per game.

PASSING OFFENSE -- The Broncos rank 27th, averaging 168 yards per game.

                               The Chiefs are 21st in passing, averaging 188.9 yards per game.

RUSHING OFFENSE -- The Broncos place 3rd, averaging 142.3 yards per game

                                The Chiefs are 10th, averaging 125.1 yards per game

TOTAL OFFENSE -- The Broncos are 20th, averaging 310.3 yards per game.

                           The Chiefs are 17th, averaging 314 yards per game.


SCORING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 4th, allowing 14.6 points per game.

                               The Chiefs are 11th, allowing 19.5 points per game.

PASSING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 24th, allowing 225.3 yards per game.

                               The Chiefs are 12th, allowing 199.0 yards per game.

RUSHING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 5th, allowing 90.2 yards per game

                                The Chiefs are 17th, allowing 115.7 yards per game.

TOTAL DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 14th, allowing 315.4 yards per game.

                            The Chiefs are 13th, allowing 314.7 yards per game

TURNOVERS -- The Broncos are 8th, with a +4 turnover margin.

                      The Chiefs are 8th, with a +4 turnover margin

These two teams are pretty even on paper, and that shouldn't come as a surprise since the first game nearly went to Overtime.  The Chiefs have a definite advantage with the home-field, and if there is one positive for the Broncos it is their running game against the Chiefs run defense.  A good running game would temper the crowd as well, and keep Larry Johnson on the sideline.