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Broncos/Chargers Moved To Primetime

Though not a surprise, it has become OFFICIAL.  The November 19th game between the Chargers and Broncos at Invesco Field has been mmoved to Sunday Night, 8:15 EST on NBC, marking the 5th primetime game of the season for the Broncos.  Denver is 3-0 in the previous 3 games, two of which came at home.  After the Chargers game, the Broncos will play Kansas City Thanksgiving Night.

The move is part of the NFL's 'Flexible Scheduling' program, allowing teams to play their way onto Primetime late in the year, as well as trying to give fans exciting games heading into the playoffs.

As part of the move, CBS was able to move a game to 4:15 to replace the Broncos/Chargers and selected the Colts/Cowboys game, being played in Dallas.