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Several Broncos Walking Wounded

The Broncos feared the worst after Sam Brandon was assisted off the field in the 4th quarter of Broncos' win over the Steelers.  Those fears were confirmed today, when an MRI revelaed Brandon had suffered a torn ACL and would miss the rest of the season.  Brandon is a force on the Broncos' defense, usually drawing the assignment of the opposition's Tight End as the "Big Nickel".  That is even more important in the AFC West since the Broncos have to face two of the best in the NFL 4 times a year(Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates).  Brandon was seeing more action yesterday, replacing Nick Ferguson after he sustained a concussion and could not return.  Shanny was disappointed for Brandon --

You could see it happen right in front of you, it was just a freak injury and it's really a shame, because he's really been playing well."
Several other Broncos were also casualties of the hardest-hitting game of the season, and a few will probably miss at least some time.  Here is a breakdown of the walking wounded, thanks to Andrew Mason's BRONCOS BLOG --

Ebenezer Ekuban: Strained thigh; undergoing MRI examination later Monday.

Patrick Chukwurah: Strained hamstring; undergoing MRI examination later Monday.

Ian Gold: Strained hamstring, undergoing MRI examination later Monday.

Nick Ferguson: Concussion; CT scan came up negative.

John Lynch: Concussion; CT scan came up negative.

Darrent Wiliams: Separated shoulder; will know more Wednesday.

Rod Smith: Separated shoulder; will know more Wednesday.

Al Wilson: "Mild" concussion; no examination.

Of those, it seems the Ian Gold and Ebenezer Ekuban are the most likely to miss game action.  The other injuries will be evaluated as the week goes on, and we'll wait and see.  I don't think Rod Smith missed any action, so it will be interesting to see the severity of the injury.  Darrent Williams was obviously hampered by the injury, and may be in the same boat Champ Bailey was in last season, playing with a sling.  Let's just hope none of these injuries are long term, becuase we are going to need everyone on November 19th against the Chargers!