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Broncos @ Chargers -- Game Day Open Thread


Week Fourteen -- Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers

Location: Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA

Kick-off time: 4:15 pm EST

Broadcast: CBS

The Broncos are playing for their playoff lives when they visit the Chargers.  A San Diego win would move the Chargers closer to clinching their second division title in 3 years.



*--The Broncos are 4-2 on the road this year, and their 48-46 road record since 1995 is tied for 4th best in the league during that time.

*--The game is the final AFC matchup of the season, and a win would give the Broncos a 4-2 divisional record, a key since it is used as a primary playoff tiebreaker.

*--The Broncos are 8-3 in their last 11 road games, and have won 2 of the last 3 in San Diego.

*--Denver is 16-7 versus San Diego under Mike Shanahan, and hold a 52-40-1 record all-time against the Chargers

*--The Broncos are 6-1 in the State of California since 2003, and 16-9 since 1995

*--Last Regular Season Meeting -- 35-27, Nov. 19, 2006 -- LOSS

Official Gameday Press Release



*--A little late getting home from some errands, though thanks to Sirius Satellitel Radio I was able to hear Denver's first possession. Not a bad start, though the Chargers quickly reversed field position, with Darrent Williams getting burned for big yardage.
*--Defense does hold, but once again, the Broncos wil start a drive inside their own 5. The difference between a good punter and our LOUSY punter. Ernster punts to the 17, Scifres to the 5....
*--There's the graphic I love, Denver's field position is the worst in the league...Great
*--Sure, I understand the starter gets the most reps, but NO snaps from Nalen to Culter during the season???? *--Horrible drive, and the Chargers fans are as loud as I have ever heard
*--Bad punt, but good coverage and a great tackle for Hamza Abdullah...
*--How many games has D.J. Williams played and he still over pursue's horribly. San Diego's offense really in sync right now
*--Nice theory, just throw the ball up to your huge basketball playing tight end, and he'll beat your two best corners for the Touchdown. *--Not a great start, and the Broncos will have to come form behind -- CHARGERS 7 - BRONCOS 0
*--I think you can see that the Chargers can taste a divison title.
*--The replay shows just how great of a play it almost was by Bailey, but not enough.
*--The Broncos offensive line still not in-sync with the young QB, with the 2nd Flase Start penalty of the day already
*--Second fumble fo the day for Cutler, this one caused by the pressure. Broncos will punt from near their goal-line again giving the Chargers defense great position again
*--Another crap punt by Ernster take a lucky bounce. AS it is the Chargers will start near mid-field
*--Has any injury hurt the Broncos more than the loss of Sam Brandon. Every Tight End we have played since has dominated our defense
*--Gates already has 4 catches, and noone in white can cover him
*--Chargers are making it look easy, and the Bronco defense is definitely on it's heels
*--And I even cheer that play, the Fumble-rooski, and the Chargers are up 2 touchdowns. The Chargers are having a lot of fun, the Broncos look like they are counting the days until the season ends. CHARGERS 14 - BRONCOS 0
*--So much for positive thoughts. Broncos getting embarrassed.


*--We have been waiting for that all year, and even Tatum Bell stepped out of bounds it was still a great run
*--Broncos need 7 to get back into this game
*--Not to be, as Rod Smith runs a 1 yard route on 3rd and 3. Elam kicks the field goal, however, and the Broncos are on the board...CHARGERS 14 - BRONCOS 3
*--We have got to have the worst special teams in the league. SO much for momentum, as the Chargers will start at mid-field again
*--How poorly has Darrent Williams played this year. Another horrible coverage, and another TD upcoming for the Chargers.
*--Fittingly, it's L.T. that scores the TD, as it was his performance 3 weeks ago that started the downward spiral for the Broncos in '06...CHARGERS 21 - BRONCOS 3
*--Since the 9 minute mark of the third quarter 3 weeks ago, the Chargers have out-scored the Broncos 49-6. Hardly playoff caliber football
*--This must seem more like his days at Vanderbilt for Culter, who is used to being behind early and often
*--Broncos using the running game to try and slow the game down. When you are down 18 the Broncos need points
*--Chargers are happy to let the Broncos drive to mid-field, then force the punt
*--Another great punt for Ernster, right into the end-zone...Another horrible decision for Shanahan, and another hole the Broncos will have to fill in the off-season
*--The fine-line between "Cagey Veteran" and "Over the Hill" is razor thin, and unfortunitely for the Broncos they have a few players on the wrong side of that line
*--Now the Chargers are going straight smash-mouth, running it right down their throat
*--More great tackling for the Bronco, as a back-up tight end carries 4 Broncos for 19 yards
*--20 TD's in their last 21 trips into the Red Zone, make it 21 of 22, and the Broncos are getting shreded. Another jump ball to Gates. CHARGERS 28 - BRONCOS 3
*--Another horrible half of football comes to an end


*--A nice 3 and out for the defense to start the second half, but the offense needs to show something
*--Great grab by Marshall, who is goin to be a good one!
*--Get used to that Broncos fans!!! Great play by Cutler, and a catch for Tony Scheffler. There is some light in the clouds!! TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS!
*--And just like that the Broncos have the ball back, with the fumble recovery...
*--Gotta love the 'Stones' on Cutler, who'se not afraid to throw into coverage. Need a TD on this drive
*--What a throw that was, off his back foot no less...Anyone else think that Jay Cutler isn't the best option at QB for the Broncos???
*--What a catch by Scheffler, who is back to playing like he did in the preseason. TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS!!!
*--A three and out would have been nice, but as it is the Broncos D needs to hold teh Chargers to a punt
*--Again, the Chargers show the true value of a good punter. Williams shows why he shouldn't be a punt returner. Broncos again start from inside their own 10
*--A penalty, then another laser to Javon Walker and the Broncos are on the move again
*--A star is being born in front of our eyes. Cutler to Scheffler again!
*--Broncos waste a valuable timeout, which could come back to haunt the Broncos
*--Another penalty on the Chargers, and the Broncos offense is rolling right now
*--Chargers defense starting to stiffen, and the Broncos face a big third down
*--Not a TD, but a scoring drive nonetheless, a victory since the Broncos stated from their own 7. A one score game!
*--Defense needs to come up big again, and get the offense back on the field!!


*--Leave it to Darrent Williams to get burned, and Foxworth, playing Safety, allows Jackson to get behind them. Huge play
*--Defense will force a field goal, but trading 3 point scores won't get it done for the Broncos
*--Could the parents of the Broncos QB have seats any worse than that??
*--Now would be a good time for a shot down the field to Walker or Marshall
*--Damn, Marshall is a big play waiting to happen every time he touches the ball
*--That call on 3rd and 2 has to mean the Broncos will go for it and they will
*--Obviously a big play coming up here, and the way Tatum Bell has run the ball today a run wouldn't be a bad call
*--Horrible play call there, and Shawne Merriman knocks it down
*--Chargers doing us a favor, throwing incompletions, but the defense has not had an answer for Antonio Gates. Again, NO PRESSURE AT ALL from the front 4
*--Three more for the Chargers, but the Broncos are still alive
*--Well, that isn;t going to get it done, with the Broncos needing two TD's, and fast!
*--Gotta give some credit to the Chargers, who weathered the storm and have re-taken control of the game
*--See what pressure from your front four can do for ya?? Castillo refused to be blocked, and the Chargers will win this game
*--Cutler looks a bit shaken up after that last sack
*--Congrats to L.T. for tying the TD record. Chargers have totally dominated this defense scoring a total of 76 points in the two games this season
*--This just in.....UNDRAFTED FREE AGENTS are UNDRAFTED for a reason!!!
*--I said it earlier this week, but the Offensive Line has sorely underacheived this year. From Week 1 in St. Louis on they have played poorly!
*--Charger fans are pumped to see L.T.break the TD record, and the thought that a Denver team could give up damn near 50 in a game frightens me to no end. This team isn't even close to a contender
*--With all the heart-ache Marty has endured at the hands of the Broncos you know this has to be sweet for him!
*--Congrats to L.T. for breaking the TD record. Embarrassing, plain embarrassing!
*--7 Touchdowns for L.T. alone against the Broncos this season, a quarter of his total. That's what I call Ownage!
*--Injuries, lack of depth, all of it came to a head today, with the Chargers dominating the Broncos right from the start.
*--FINAL -- SAN DIEGO 48 - Denver 20
*--The Broncos have now been outscored 93-63 in the 4th quarter this season, 43-7 the past 3 games...