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L.T. Record Breaker Has Some Broncos Fans Losing Their Minds

Congrats to LaDainian Tomlinson.  Yes, I hated to see him break the TD mark against the Broncos, and for most of 3 quarters it appeared he wouldn't.  In the end, however, history was not to be denied, and L.T. got his record at home, infront of the home crowd, against a heated rival.  Sometimes you have to tip your cap.  Some of that record should go to the Broncos, however, who have supplied 7 of L.T's 29 scores this season.  Nearly a quarter of his total.

Luckily in football you have to have a short memory and this story will quickly fade.  Before it does, however, I must bring to light what at least one Bronco fan is thinking of Tomlinson's accomplishment.  Over at the Broncos' Blog in AOL's FanHouse an article caught my eye with the following title -- L.T.'s Record Marred By Shameless Score-Gouging.  Excuse me?  The premise of this article was simply that the Chargers ran up the score, thus tarnishing the record a bit.

Let's remember, the Chargers got the ball back on a turnover at the Bronco 7-yardline.  Here is what Gabe Stein over at the Fanhouse thought the Chargers should do --

When the Chargers got the ball back with just over three minutes left in the game and already leading by three touchdowns, they should have run three plays up the middle to take as much time off the clock as they could, and then kick the field goal. Instead, they ran a run to the outside that was designed to get LT the 29th touchdown immediately.

A run to the outside designed to score immediately?  Yes, the Chargers ran a sweep instead of giving it to Lorenzon Neal 3 times, but isn't that the strength of the Denver defense?  Our linebackers are so fast that no one can get outside on us?

To me it comes down to a matter of pride and desire.  The Broncos defense was physically beaten all day, and much like the past 4 games, every time they needed to step up big they did not.  The Chargers wanted it more, and when it came down to a matter of pride, to 11 guys saying to themselves they are not going to let this guy get the record on us, they gave up a 7 yard sweep which in theory should play right into the "strength" of our defense.  So sure, I am upset about the record, but at the Denver defense, not the Charger offense.

Now, in an attempt to give equal time, the Bronco Blog over at the Fanhouse has two bloggers, and Sam Handler, wrote a nice RETORT.  His take is much closer to reality.

All records aside, this game was an embarrassment to me on a couple of fronts.  Once again, the Broncos appeared to have no drive, no fire on defense early in the game.  To fall behind 28-3 on the road in a divisional game is unacceptable, especially for a team that is supposedly as "well-coached" as the Broncos.  There is no doubt that some changes are coming this off-season, and an in-flux of youth and talent is needed.