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All's Well Bronco Nation, Kicker Likes Our Chances

You can exhale now Bronco Fans.  A team leader has come out and publically stated he is confident that the team will rebound, going so far as to say he expects the Broncos to finsih 3-0.  Rod Smith you ask?  Nope.  Al Wilson?  No again.  How about Jason Elam.  That's right, Jason Elam feels good about the team's chances down the stretch.  

I really think we're going to get in the playoffs; I really do. I think we're going to go 3-0 here, that's my mindset, and I think that's everybody's mindset.
Don't get me wrong, I respect Elam's opinion, being that he is the longest tenured Bronco.  It's just that I might feel better about it if it were coming from one of the guys that has been the cause of the 4 game swoon the Broncos find themselves in.

Maybe if it were one of the Defensive Lineman, that have failed time and time again this season to put consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks, giving quarterbacks all the time they need late in the game to drive for game-winning scores.

Or how about Darrent Williams whose play has regressed this season after a promising rookie campaign.  Certainly I can give Williams a pass for his strggles against Reggie Wayne, but Vincent Jackson??  Williams has been burned time and again, and though he is trying to structure his game after Champ Bailey, Williams needs to remember that he doesn't possess Champ's athletic ability.  Champ can bite at a double move becuase he has the wheels to get himself back in the play.  Williams does not.

If not Williams, then perhaps the Broncos O-Line, which for the first time in recent history has struggled.  With all the focus on the quarterback situation little attention has been payed to the lackluster pass protection that Jake and Jay have been provided this season, right from Week 1.  Tom Nalen looks long in the tooth, and George Foster is about to become another high draft pick to be jettisoned from Dove Valley.  The loss of Matt Lepsis has hurt but Erik Pears has actually played pretty well.

What about Wilson, or Ian Gold, or D.J. Williams?  You know, they self-proclaimed best linebacking corp in the game.  Each has played great at times, but each has missed a boat load of tackles and none of the three is very good in coverage.  D.J especially has been disappointing to me with his constant over-pursuit.  When you face L.T. and L.J. four times a season you had better contain and the Broncos linebackers don;t do a real good job.

Hell, I'd even like to hear from Keith Burns, Captain of the worst special teams unit in the NFL.  There is a good reason why the Broncos are dead last in starting field position and alot of it has to do with our UN-special teams.  Our punter can't get a punt inside the 15 yard line, and our punt returner thinks going backwards is better than going forward.

I know I am being negative, but sometimes you need to show some tough love.  When I read that the kicker is making proclamations it concerns me.  Not becuase of what was said, but becuase of who said it.  Where are the leaders of the offense or defense?  Who knows, but at least we have Elam, who knows what is at stake.  "We have to go 3-0, so every game's going to be a playoff game. We know we can't lose any of them and I don't think we will."  That makes me feel so much better.