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All's Well in Bronco Nation? Maybe Not.

Yesterday I was a bit sarcastic when talking about the public statements made by Jason Elam regarding his outlook on the rest of the Broncos' season.  I felt such statements should be made by one of the team leaders that have a bit more impact on the game to get a true gauge of the pulse in the locker room.  Much to my surprise Darrent Williams obliged, though his thoughts weren't as POSITIVE as I had hoped.

Speaking over an hour after Shanny spoke to the media yesterday Williams implied that some Broncos players have thrown in the towel on the season --

Some people are ready to hang it up, you know, you can tell.  It's hard when you're losing. It makes everything hard, it makes coming to practice hard. It makes coaches harder on you. It just makes everything harder when you're losing.  So, a few guys are probably ready to hang it up. I don't know who. But I'm not.
That doesn't sound like a locker room that still holds hope of running the table and getting into the playoffs.  

Williams goes on to say that he felt some players were actually taking plays off, "Because, if we got 100 percent effort from everybody, we could easily win these games."  This coming from a guy that has been one of the main causes for several of our losses this season already.  I like that he has the stones to come out and say these things, to call out teammates, but you had better go out on the field and produce.  

Playing corner in the NFL is a high risk/reward position, but with Williams there has been too much risk very little reward, and it's is magnified by the fact that teams rarely challenge Champ Bailey on the other side.

Do I believe what Williams is saying?  Surely there is some truth in it, but with the veteran leadership this team possesses in Rod Smith and John Lynch I'd hope that it would be squashed immediately.  It also is a concern that it is Williams, a 2nd year player, that is coming out with it.  Where are these team leaders?  Have they ultimately come to the conclusion that Williams speaks of, that this is a season lost and an early vacation is upcoming?  Perhaps, but pros are pros and if there is a shot at the postseason, and the Broncos still control their own destiny for the most part, then eveery guy should be giving 100%, if not for this year then to make an impression for next season, when coaches will look at film of the tough times to decide the heart and desire of a player.

Last season the Broncos got every break, stayed healthy, and won every close game.  This season has seen their fortunes go the opposite way.  Such is the ebb and flow of the NFL.  Despite all the turmoil that surrounds a 4 game losing streak the Broncos still have a chance to get to the playoffs, and if this team has any heart they will give it all they got on the field, instead of running their mouths off of it.