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AFC Playoff Picture -- Broncos Move Into 5 Seed Thanks To Colts

The Monday Night game finally came to an end, and as I expected the Bengals came out and laid a big fat egg.  All of this is great news for the Broncos who now currently stand in the #5 seed in the AFC.  Of course all of that can change with the Bengals come to town on Christmas Eve, but I'd rather control my destiny than have to rely on someone else.

Now, if I were a player, all I would care about would be winning the next two games, which assures the Broncos of a playoff spot.  And truly, that is all that matters.

I am a psuedo-journalist and fan, however, so I find it compelling to see what it will take for the Broncos to get an early Christmas present on Sunday and clich a birth a bit early.  There are scenarios out there that would do just that.  

Of course it all starts with a Bronco win over Cincinnati at home next Sunday.  If the Broncos do that, they will clinch a playoff spot with --

  1. A Kansas City loss or tie in Oakland and a New York Jets loss in Miami
  2. A Kansas City loss or tie in Oakland AND a Jacksonville loss at home against New England

Again, the main thing for all of us to worry about is a Denver win the next two weeks, becuase if we can dot that we are in for sure.