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Seahawks @ Broncos, By The Numbers


Here's how the 'Hawks and Broncos stack up heading into Sunday Night's key inter-conference matchup --

SCORING OFFENSE -- The Broncos rank 24th in the League at 17.7 points per game.
                              The Seahawks rank 11th at 21.5 points per game.

PASSING OFFENSE -- The Broncos rank 26th, averaging 171.5 yards per game.
                               The Seahawks are 19th in passing, averaging 189.2 yards per game.

RUSHING OFFENSE -- The Broncos place 8th, averaging 132.8 yards per game
                                The Seahawks are 13th, averaging 120 yards per game

TOTAL OFFENSE -- The Broncos are 22nd, averaging 304.3 yards per game.
                           The Seahakws are 19th, averaging 309.2 yards per game.


SCORING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 5th, allowing 15 points per game.
                               The Seahawks are 22nd, allowing 22.1 points per game.

PASSING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 23rd, allowing 219.3 yards per game.
                               The Seahawks are 21st, allowing 217.5 yards per game.

RUSHING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 11th, allowing 102.2 yards per game
                                The Seahawks are 15th, allowing 111.7 yards per game.

TOTAL DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 16th, allowing 321.5 yards per game.
                            The Seahawks are 18th, allowing 329.2 yards per game

TURNOVERS -- The Broncos are 10th, with a +4 turnover margin.
                      The Seahawks are 24th, with a -7 turnover margin

Another game the Broncos seem to match up well on paper.  The one glaring advantage is turnover ratio so it will be important for the Broncos to get some take-aways, especially to take some of the pressure of of Jay Cutler.