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Broncos Must Stop Johnson, But Which One?

If the Broncos are to have success this Sunday, they have to make sure they don't get beat by Johnson.  Problem is, there are plenty of Johnson's to worry about.  The Bengals roster has no less than five players with the Johnson surname, so stopping all of them could be easier said than done.

Of course the main Johnson is Chad Johnson, or Ocho Cinco.  85's stats are impressive -

85 Rec, 1274 yards, 7 TD's

It's his leadership and work ethic on and off the field that are equally vital to Cincy's success.  CJ is going to see alot of Champ Bailey all day and whoever wins that battle will have a huge impact on the outcome of the game.

Johnson #2 is Rudi Johnson, the Bengals all-pro running back.  The offensive line woes this season have curbed Rudi's out put this season and overall he has endured a roller coaster ride of a season.  Overall, Johnson has still rushed for over 1100 yards, but his per carry average of 3.8 is below his career average, and is even worse on the road(3.4).  Rudi has also reigned in 20 catches but has had a case of the dropsies, fumbling 4 times this season.

If you are going to have a fullback lead the way for Rudi Johnson you might as well grab a guy with the name of, well, Johnson.  Jeremi Johnson is in his fourth year in Cincinnati and though he doesn;t get the ball a bunch does have an impressive 4 yards per carry average.  If you are not careful Jeremi Johnson can sneak out of the backfield and become a bit of a weapon, as his 3 catch day against the Raiders would demonstrate.

Just for good measure the Bengals have a couple more Johnson's on their roster.  Doug Johnson is the emergency quarterback and doesn't see the light of the field.  I don't think we'll have to worry about D.J. at all.

There is a Johnson on defense that the Broncos will have to account for, starting linebacker Landon Johnson.  The third year pro has had a nice year, compiling 97 tackles, a pick and 2 forced fumbles.

In all, four of the Johnson's will have an impact on the game, and if the Broncos are going to win on Sunday all of Cincy's Johnsons will have to be present and accounted for.