Draft Open Thread: Bowls

There hasn't been much to discuss lately regarding draft prospects, as many of the bowls already played either have players that are of interest next year (Oregon's Stewart and Williams), or the scant solid first day talent that may be a tad overhyped (Utah's Weddle, CM's Staley).  Hopefully tonight is the breakout for draft prospects, as two major conferences come together with formerly proud programs UCLA and Florida State.  Tomorrow could also be a draft treat with Cal, Oklahoma State, Alabama, and Texas A&M all flashing talent, some even with first round aspirations.  As these games play out, I'll add to this post with more observations from these games.  Also be on the lookout shortly for an open thread regarding the early entries into this year's draft.  As underclassmen declare, I'll try and quickly post analysis on whay we could expect from them in workouts, and where their future may lie in the draft.  Until then, here's a few brief notes on what I've seen to date:

Eric Weddle, Utah:  As good a football player as he is, he might be the most overhyped of the early bowl season.  The big key for Weddle will not only be workouts, but the weigh-ins of the off-season events.  Is he the 6'0, 200+ player some claim he is, or will he measure in closer to 5'10, 190?  It sounds silly to make a fuss over a couple of inches and pounds, but you'd be surprised how far he could slide should he appear "undersized."  He wants to be a corner in the pros, but he'll have to impress in agility and speed drills.  His playmaking ability against the run, on the blitz, or in zone coverage could make him an effective NFL safety, especially if he can add another ten pounds to his frame and keep his footspeed.  His versatility as a returner and special teamer should making sticking on a roster easy.  I'd say he's a third rounder based on talent, he's been a terrific playmaker but there isn't much room for improvement.

Joe Staley, Central Michigan:  Build very similar to Matt Lepsis.  Staley's one of the hardest to evaluate because he hasn't had any real competition in televised games.  He looked in complete control against MTSU Tuesday, in the times I watched, but I'd rather wait and see if he attends the Senior Bowl before getting into a discussion on his athletic ability.  Size-wise, he looks leaner than his listed numbers, and he may lack the base to play in just any offensive system.  Could be a "Broncos style" tackle with his supposed athleticism and ability, but I'd like to see how he handles better competition before penciling him into the first day.

Colt Brennan, Hawaii:  I know he's talked about going pro now, but don't be surprised if his findings on his draft status turn out unkind.  Brennan has been a major character risk almost since entering division one football.  If on field performance is all that is important, he has some impressive numbers, but what Hawaii quarterback doesn't?  Brennan is listed at 6'3 190, which could mean he's closer to 6'1-6'2 and 180, which is beyond small for an NFL quarterback, his arm strength looks solid/average, but it is rarely tested in Hawaii's offense.  It's very diificult to measure his NFL tools when he plays in an offense with predetermined reads and plenty of short route options.  How is he under center?  On play-actions?  Throwing the deep out?  He could still surprise at the combine or in workouts, if he leaves, but would Gary Barnett have really let Brennan go after his sexual assault charge if he was a top NFL talent?

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