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We've Got Your Draft Discussion Right Here!

OHNOKOOLAID, one of our resident draft experts has started a DRAFT DIARY and I encourage all you draft mongers out there to put your two cents in.

Even though we haven't even reached playoff time yet I should let you know that I've got you covered as we head into the off-season, including the Combine, Free-Agency, and of course the 2007 NFL Draft in late April.  The MHR, along with the other football blogs of SBNATION will be holding a mock draft as we near the draft and I plan on involivng everyone in who you think the Broncos should draft.

Enough about the off-season, we have a playoff run to think about.  But if the draft is your thing, head on over to OHNO's Draft Diary and let us know your thoughts!

And just a reminder.  The Diary section is your place to become a contributer to the MHR.  It allows all users to create a post to be discussed by everyone!  Please use it and remember, the MHR is only as good as the people who visit and contribute, so please add your thoughts today!!!