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Broncos/Niners By The Numbers


Here's how the Niners and Broncos stack up heading into Sunday's huge matchup.  Remember, if the Broncos can beat the Niners at home they would head to the playoffs as the #5 seed. --

SCORING OFFENSE -- The Broncos rank 16th in the League at 19.7 points per game.

                              The Niners rank 24th at 18.1 points per game.

PASSING OFFENSE -- The Broncos rank 27th, averaging 172.6 yards per game.

                               The Niners are 28th in passing, averaging 167.8 yards per game.

RUSHING OFFENSE -- The Broncos place 6th, averaging 135.8 yards per game

                                The Niners are 7th, averaging 132.3 yards per game

TOTAL OFFENSE -- The Broncos are 20th, averaging 308.4 yards per game.

                           The Niners are 26th, averaging 300.0 yards per game.


SCORING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 6th, allowing 18.6 points per game.

                               The Niners are 32nd, allowing 25.9 points per game.

PASSING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 23rd, allowing 215.6 yards per game.

                               The Niners are 27th, allowing 224.1 yards per game.

RUSHING DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 11th, allowing 108.3 yards per game

                                The Niners are 19th, allowing 121.4 yards per game.

TOTAL DEFENSE -- The Broncos are 14th, allowing 323.9 yards per game.

                            The Niners are 17th, allowing 345.5 yards per game

TURNOVERS -- The Broncos are 15th, with a +2 turnover margin.

                      The Niners are 27th, with a -7 turnover margin

The Broncos have an advantage in EVERY statistical category and should dominate this game.  Take into account the weather, Denver should wear down and beat down the Niners on their way to the playoffs.  Games aren't played on paper, of course, and the Niners do have some dangerous talent for us to worry about.  At this point I don't think it will matter...