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Seahawks @ Broncos Game Day Open Thread


Week Thirteen -- Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos

Location: Invesco Field @ Mile High

Kick-off time: 8:15 pm EST

Broadcast: NBC

The Broncos have a great opportunity to move back into 2nd place in the AFC West with a win at home agasint the Seahawks.  The Chiefs have already lost to the Browns so a Bronco win would put them back on top of the Wildcard standings.



*--Jay Cutler will become the 8th rookie to start a regular season game for the Broncos, with the previous 7 posting a 5-2 record.  He is the first since Tommy Maddox in 1992.

*--The Broncos are 20-4 at home against the Seahawks, including 12-1 since 1989.

*--The Broncos have won their last 9 games against the previous year's Super Bowl participant, including a win earlier this season against Pittsburgh

*--The Broncos have won their last 12 December home games

*--It marks the 3rd primetime game in a row for Denver, and the 6th of the season marking the most in franchise history

*--Last Regular Season Meeting -- 31-9, Nov. 17, 2002 -- WIN

Official Gameday Press Release


The following players will be inactive for tonite's game:

OL Adam Meadows
TE Chad Mustard
RB Damien Nash
RB Cedric Cobbs
WR Quincy Morgan
DL Kenny Peterson
DL Antwon Burton
LB Nate Webster



*--Let's get it on! A penalty on the opening kick-off pins the Seahawks deep. A cold night in Denver, with the game time temperature at 16 degrees
*--I feel great about Cutler's chances tonite. Unlike Plummer, who seemed to hate the cold, Cutler loves the cold.
*--Just what the doctor ordered, a 3 and out
*--And Jay Cutler takes the field to a rousing ovation
*--Cutler's first snap is a hand off to Tatum Bell, and it sure is nice to have T-Bell back and healthy
*--And his first pass is incomplete, though there was a lot of zip behind the throw. The Broncos go 3 and out as well
*--Another Ernster punt will get credit for an "Inside The 20", though the 15 should hardly count
*--The 16-degree temperature at the start makes the game the coldest in Invesco Field history.
*--Quick work for the Broncos defense again, holding the Seahawks to another 3 and out
*--Cutler shows some smarts, getting outside and out of bounds on a play that had nothing available.
*--Cutler still looking for his first completion, with an incompletion to Tony Scheffler. What was good about the pass, however, was it was down, where only Scheffler could get it.
*--As is the case in cold weather, the offenses looks uncomfortable, while the defenses seem right at home
*--And the 5th 3 and out in a row so far. Two solid tackles tonite for Darrent Williams. Once again the Broncos will start out near mid-field. At some point they are gooing to have to take advantage of the field position
*--Broncos do just that, with a solid drive to get the first points of the game. Denver 3 - Seattle 0



*--The trend of drives starting from the 1 continues, and just like that the field postion battle moves over to the Seahawks. Hey Ernster, you need your helmet.
*--Seahawks take advantage of the good field position to get a field goal try of their own
*--But unlike Elam, Josh Brown cannot convert and the Broncos remain in front
*--Cutler's less than smooth beginning continues, with a fumbled snap
*--Cutler shows his athletic ability, and a facemask helps the Broncos even more
*--Cutler still looks a bit nervous, not throwing with confidence, but finally gets a pass to Stephen Alexander for a first down
*--A big run for Tatum Bell, who seems to have his explosiveness back
*--Jay Cutler has his first TD pass, with a nice catch by Stephen Alexander! TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS!
*--Does any Tight End drop more passes than Jerramy Stephens??
*--Three 'Delay of Game' penalties already for the Seahawks....Even the crowd is in peak condition
*--Jay Cutler does exactly what you cannot do, try and make something out of nothing, and the Seahawks are right back in the game
*--So now we'll get to see how a mistake effects Cutler
*--The best medicine for the type of mistake Cutler made is the running game, and Tatum Bell looks awesome tonite
*--Not Cutler's fault this time, as Rod Smith simply drops the ball for a fumble and the Seahawks are in position to tie the game
*--Hasselbeck still can't get into a rhythem, luckily for the Broncos
*--Another miss for Josh Brown, and a 10 yard penalty to boot give the Broncos great field position
*--Now we get to find out how Cutler runs the 2-minute offense, and quickly the Broncos get a 1st Down
*--First shot deep by Cutler goes incomplete with good coverage by Seattle
*--Shanahan lets 16 seconds tick off the clock before calling a TO to discuss a 4th and 1
*--After a bit of discussion the Broncos will try a field goal, but they fake it just to get a bit closer, only to try another field goal, which this time is good. Strange, strange play leads us to half time



*--Still don't know the point of the fake field goal, but alas the Broncos come out with two running plays to start the 2nd half
*--A nice third down conversion, and a play like that shows Cutler's arm strength
*--Great pass by Cutler there, on the slant to Tony Scheffler, and already Cutler looks more comfortable in the 2nd half
*--Two plays that Mike Bell would like to forget, a holding penalty, then worse a fumble and the Seahawks have good field position again
*--Seattle continues to shoot itself in the foot, and the Broncos have forced a 3rd and long
*--Great job by the defense forcing another 3 and out.
*--What a great job by Tatum Bell, who has been the difference so far tonite, but it's Sapp that gets the big gain on a third and short
*--No doubt that Cutler is going to have to get some more work in with his receivers
*--The opening night struggles continue for Cutler, and the Broncos will be forced to punt
*--As much as it has seemed the Broncos have dominated the game it is still only a 6 point game...I am very nervous indeed
*--Shaun Alexander starting to get off a bit, and ghosts of games past begin to creep in
*--Front four cannot get any pressue, and Hasselbeck makes an easy throw for the 1st down
*--And Champ Bailey ends that Seahawk drive with an interception in the End Zone, and the Broncos take over at the 20
*--The Broncos go 3 and out after the turnover, and the defense heads back out on the field
*--Darrent Williams has done a great job of making the tackle as soon as the receiver catches the ball
*--Seahawks punt again, and Denver needs to get some points to put my mind and heart at ease



*--For the second time tonite the Broncos offense will start from it's own 1
*--The defense comes up huge, forcing Seattle into another punt
*--Nearly a disaster as Williams muffs the punt
*--Hopefully the cart is a pre-caution for Wilson, though this is eerily similar to the way John Mobley ended his career
*--The playcalling gets conservative and the Broncos run into a 3 and out
*--Just like that the Seahawks get a bug gainer and the Broncos defense looks stunned by the loss of Wilson
*--Two plays and the Seahawks are a yard from taking the lead...unbelieveable
*--Touchdown Seahawks, and Seattle has the lead
*--No doubt the injury to Al Wilson has had an effect on the entire team, and now they are going to have to find a way to come from behind
*--Special teams continues to rear it's ugly head as Clark fumbles. If Mike Shanahan has done anything poorly it has been how he has built the special teams units. Each is horribly sub-par.
*--Four turnovers usually means a LOSS
*--A big third down, and the defense needs to stand here
*--A horrible call on Demetrin Veal gifts a first down for the Seahawks
*--Another 3rd down, and now the clock has to be a factor
*--A few years ao it was Ian Gold suffering a season ending injury on special teams, and now Al Wilson. Shanny may want to rethink his strategy
*--Josh Brown connects, and it will take a Touchdown if the Broncos want to win this one
*--Time for Cutler to lead the team from behind, a tall task for a rookie making his first start
*--Turnover #5 is a tipped ball interception and this game is just about over
*--Tonite has proven once again that Jake Plummer was NOT THE ONLY problem. There are holes all over the field, and the age of the defense and offensive line is really starting to show
*--Broncos still have hope, as Brown kicks the short field goal. Still a one score game
*--Cecil Sapp becomes the latest injury
*--Some Mile High Magic still exists, as Brandon Marshall makes a play, and just like that the Broncos have tied the game! TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS!!
*--A penalty on the return will back the Seahawks deep, and DAMN would a turnover be great here
*--A big third down, and if the Broncos can hold they'd get the ball back
*--Not to be, and the Seahawks have a nice little drive going
*--And the Seahawks are moving right down the field, similar to the Colts/Chargers games
*--And it looks like the Josh Brown will have to kick a 50 yard field goal to win the game
*--And he does, SEAHAWKS 23 - BRONCOS 20
*--And that's the ball-game. The Broncos are quickly heading to a non-playoff season