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The Lelie Trade Retread

The most obvious move of the summer is finally over with Denver dumping disgruntled wide receiver Ashley Lelie to Atlanta.  Lelie seemed happy to be moving on, but it is hard to see why.  His reason for holding out in the first place was because he wanted to be a #1 receiver, or at worst a number 2, and with The Broncos fliring with T.O. then acquiring Jevon Walker, he knew that would never be more than a #3 this season.  Now he goes to Atlanta, where he will be the, ummm, number 3 receiver behind Michael Jenkins and Roddy White.  Mission failed on that end.

Next, Lelie was accruing hefty fines for sitting out all of the mandatory team activities.  The team also plans on going after some of the $3.3 million signing bonus from his contract.  All in all, when Lelie does get on the field he may have to pay to do it..  Failed on that part as well.

On the field, Lelie will have the pressure of putting up big numbers in a contract year.  And let's face it, he wasn't the model of consistency in a solid Denver offense.  In a Falcons uniform he is going to look eerily similar to another former Falcons dud, Peerless Price.

As for the Broncos, let's take a look at how all these trades have made out.

Both Lelie and Jevon Walker were chosen in the 1st Round of the 2002 draft.  One pick apart to be exact.

Ironically, the Broncos 2nd Round pick in 2002 was Clinton Portis, who was also dealt in a deal involving Washington, but I digress.

The Broncos traded Portis to Washington for a 1st Round Pick in 2006, a 2nd Round Pick in 2005(Tatum Bell) and Champ Bailey.  Sitting with two low-first round picks the Broncos get involved in a deal with the Falcons, getting the 15th pick for the #29 and a 3rd and 4th round pick.  They then trade the #22 overall they received from Washington, to the 49ers for a 2nd and 3rd round pick.  Are you still with me?  It gets complicated...

Now we get to Draft Day 2006.  They trade the #15 and one of their 3rd round picks to St. Louis to move up to #11 and draft Jay Cutler.  Their 2nd round pick then gets traded to Green Bay for Jevon Walker.  With their other 2nd round pick, the one they recieved from San Francisco, they pick Tony Scheffler.

Now it is starting to clear up.  We move to a couple days ago, where Lelie is dealt, essentially for a 3rd round pick.  So let's summize....

For Clinton Portis, Ashley Lelie, and a 2nd and 3rd Round Pick, the Broncos acquired:

Jay Cutler
Champ Bailey
Tatum Bell
Tony Scheffler
3rd Round Pick

Ummm,  Who do you think got the better of that whole scrum?

I porbably left something out, and it isn't as simple as that, but then again, yes it is.