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Cut Day Open Thread

UPDATE - 8/29 @ 10:00PM - This list is now official and it is correct. The Broncos will need to get to 53 on Saturday and on Wednesday I will give you my thoughts on who will be the 53 guys on the active roster. By 4:00 PM EST(2:00 PM MDT) the Broncos need to trim their roster down to 75, meaning 13 players will be gone by this time tomorrow.  I am keeping track of all the action right here and encourage you to post your thoughts on the cuts as well.

The Broncos had yet to send an official list to the NFL, but there already seems to have been some activity.

According to the Rocky Mountain News several players were called to the Dove Valley Complex last night and were seen loading up their cars.  Those players include:

G P.J. Alexander
G Martin Bibla
T Javier Collins
T Cornell Green
LB Kevin Harrison
G/C Rob Hunt
CB Willie Middlebrooks
DT Patrice Majondo-Mwamba
FB Rashon Powers-Neal
S Antwaun Rogers
DT Bryan Save

Again, this list is UNOFFICIAL, but it is a good bet that these are the guys let go.

The next cut is a larger one, getting the rosters from 75 to 53 on Saturday.  The Broncos play their last pre-season game of the season against the Cardinals in Arizona on Thursday, and it will be a key game for several players.