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Hot Off The Press, 8/30/06

"Hot Off The Press" is going to be a dailey feature here at the MHR, linking you to some of the Broncos Stories around the web.

**Bill Williamson at The Denver Post discusses the battle to be the #1 RB, and how important Thursday's game against Arizona is for all invloved.
Running Back Battle Shows No Signs of Letting Up -- The Denver Post

**Jeff Legwold discusses Thursday's matchup between Arizona's Matt Leinart and Jay Cutler, the #10 and #11 Picks in the NFL Draft.
Cutler and Leinart To Get Plenty Of Time On Thursday -- Rocky Mountain News

**Mark Kiszla discusses Madden '07, and more specifically Champ Bailey who is one of 5 players with a rating of 99.
Kids Know Who The Real Champ Is -- The Denver Post

**Jason Cole talks about Javon Walker, and his first catch in almost a year.
Walking The Talk -- Yahoo Sports

**Len Pasquarelli discusses the importance of winning on the road in the NFL.
Road Warriors --

Ironically, the Broncos have the best record in football the past decade and have the 3rd best road record during that time....