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Broncos @ Cardinals - GameDay Open Thread

The final pre-season is finally upon us and not a moment too soon.  A week from tonite the Steelers and Dolphins will kick off the 2006 season!  For now, we have alot of bubble guys trying to make their last impressions on the coaching staff before Saturday's big cut down.

Let's get it on!!!

Update [10:13]:A decent first drive for the good guys. Cutler again looks sharp in the pocket, dinking and dunking the Broncos down the field.

Update [10:19]:Drive ends with a field goal, 3-0 Good Guys. A nice drive for Cutler and crew. Need one of these running backs to step up. Plummer looks comfy on the sidelines, by the way....

Update [10:23]:Defense looking shakey at best against the Cardinals 1st teamers. I guess when you are a team like the Cardinals you want to end the preseason on a good note. Broncos in full back-up mode on defense.

Update [10:27]:Defense steps up nicely and keeps the Cardinals out of the end zone, right after the AZ announcers go on about how good the Cardinals have been in the Red Zone during the pre-season.

Update [10:31]:NFL Network changes over to the Fader/Seattle game, with the Faders up 7-0. Nasty injury to Seattle backup RB Leonard Weaver...Ankle or knee...

Update [10:32]:WHAT A THROW!! That was vintage John Elway, as Cutler fakes the hand off, rolls to his left and throws the ball about 50 yards in the air to Kircus, who looked just like Easy Ed in his prime. 9-3 Broncos! Man oh man, the next 10 years are going to be saaaaweeet!

Update [10:38]:The more I see of Kircus the more he reminds me of McCaffrey. I know, I know, he has a long way to go, but remember, Ed was with two different teams before really taking off in Denver.

Update [10:58]:My faith in Tatum Bell is diminishing by the second. I am starting to be convinced, like Shanny seems to be, the he cannot be a feature back. Sure he is fast, but he doesn't seem to be very ellusive. Opinions??

Update [11:36]:Halftime, with the Cards up 20-15. It surely is an interesting kicking game the Broncos have going tonite, and the pass defense, yikes! Look, I know it's the 4th preseason game, but 15/18 200+ yards in a half. We have to do better than that!

Update [11:47]:I think Roc Alexander still thinks it is the Indy playoff game from a couple years ago. No need to play 10 yards off a guy. This Cardinal offense is moving the ball at will against a bunch of guys that are on the bubble.

Update [12:15]:Yep, I'm still here, and it looks like Leinart may have been hurt. Looks like his right(non-throwing)shoulder. Possibly injured after a Patrick Chukwurah sack, Leinart stayed in the game, but left later when it seemed the should was unusable. As for Denver, Cutler out, BVP in for what will probably be his last action as a Bronco.

Update [12:50]BVP, Comeback Kid. After falling behind 23-15, Van Pelt has led the Broncos on two scoring drives, including a nice 22 yard TD run for Tatum Bell. The Cardinals seem a little dis-interested since the injury to Leinart, though I can't blame them. 29-23 Broncos.

Update [1:00]That's it...I'm calling it. Mike Bell is the starting tailback for this team. A beautiful 38 yard run, followed by some tough inside yardage. Tatum was making a last ditch effort, but Mike Bell has sealed it. It is also looking like the Broncos have sealed away a nice come from behind victory. 2 MINUTE WARNING!!

Update [1:10]That is that with that. A win is a win, and a win is always better than a loss. 29-23 the final. I will give my thoughts on the game tomorrow, but feel free to beat me to it...Stay Classy, Bronco Fans!