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Monday Morning Quick Hits

After sleeping on it for a night I woke up this morning still annoyed about the way things went down yesterday in St. Louis.  But, it realizing that today is a day of rememberence and reflection, on the 5th Anniversary of 9/11, I am reminded about what is truly important. When I think about it that way, yesterday doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

That said, here are some outside thoughts on the Broncos loss --

*--Jeff Legwold gives his thoughts on what transpired.

Sometimes in a football life, you either kick or you get kicked.  And when all was said and done Sunday, St. Louis' Jeff Wilkins had kicked six field goals and the Broncos were left only to kick themselves in an 18-10 opening loss against the Rams at the Edward Jones Dome.

*--Dave Krieger says the criticism comes with the territory as a QB in Denver, and that comparison's to last years' 34-10 loss to Miami might be premature.
The less comforting comparison was from the last game they played, the AFC championship in January. In that one, as in this one, the Broncos fell behind early and turned over the ball repeatedly trying to come back.

*--Lee Rasizer does feel pretty good about the defense after Week 1.
So while the opening 18-10 loss overall might have been a disaster, the defense at least had something to build for the remaining 15 games.

*--Mark Kiszla tells us that sound we hear is the clammoring  of Bronco fans for Jay Cutler.
he bye week for the Broncos arrives early this year, after only three games. Next on the schedule are Kansas City and a tough trip to New England.  If Denver enters the bye with a 1-2 record, you can bet Broncomaniacs will be screaming at Shanahan, demanding Plummer go bye-bye.

*--Jim Armstrong talks  about Javon Walker, among other things, in regards to the Broncos rough opening day.
Javon Walker's Broncos debut will be remembered more for the balls he didn't catch than the ones he did.

That's a quick tour around the Broncos Media World for this forst Monday of the season.

Shanny's press conference is scheduled for 3:15 EST, so I'll check back in then.